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Do you love where you live? Why?

I'm giving some serious thought to leaving my home Chicago in the next few years.

By pasha-one-nine7
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where i live now is good in some ways, not in others. i am in the twin cities. i loved living in los angeles, and i adored living in new york. i would have liked to live right in town instead of brooklyn but, you know... money! i do not recommend florida unless you like humidity, old people on drugs driving on the sidewalks, and rick scott.


genessa Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

Well, Dublin weather is crap, it's expensive but always good gigs and fun around. So, not a bad place to live in.


I love my land. Galicia in Spain. It is a amazing place in the Atlantic Coast of Europe. Nature is wonderful here. Green landscapes, full of rivers, and also beautiful islands. The weather is nice, because the temperatures aren't cold. This land is green, but sunny.
However, the main problem of Spain is the economy. Too much unemployment. At least, I recommend you look some minutes on line. Search Galicia. Who knows! Maybe you like and decide to move here. See you around

Roi81 Level 4 Oct 3, 2018

I live in Clearwater Florida.
It's beautiful here.


Hello. I current live in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has it's good and bad points. Very hot in the summer but the winters are nice. No state income tax is a big plus. Always something to do. Right now real estate is way over inflated.

CMan Level 5 Oct 3, 2018

I lived in Vegas 8 years. Best thing about it is there is plenty of recreation and arts. You can always find work there, not high paying jobs, but hospitality jobs are plentiful.


I moved to the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia a year ago. It is the area closets to Baltimore and DC.

Have to say I like it even though there are too many churches, only one vegetarian restaurant and far to many conservatives.

It is a beautiful area of farms, orchards and small towns. There are interesting historic sites, the Shanandoah and Potomac Rivers and easy access to the northern VA and eastern MD.

WV-Mark Level 5 Nov 13, 2018

Ive lived in Park Ridge just outside of Chicago almost all of my life and I’ve been to at least 45 or 46 states...... this will always be home .... yeah the weather sucks most of the people are not friendly.... but for some weird reason no matter how far away I go I always love coming home .... guess it’s familiar which makes it real to me .....

m85575 Level 3 Oct 6, 2018

I love the west in general and the desert southwest in particular, and the quality of life in Denver is amazing. But I'm a happy non-home owner, and my rent has gotten exorbitant - you don't get much for $1200 - and sadly I've decided it's time to move on. Will be checking out expat communities in Mediterranean region next year!


Work brought me to Paducah, KY about 20 years ago and I'm learning to love it. It's got a bit of a hippie/artsy vibe. We are actually one of about 70 UNESCO Creative Cities. The cost of living is insanely low. There is zero traffic. Nashville is close so we benefit from their overflow of great live music. We have three jet flights a day to Chicago from our one-terminal airport. From there you can go anywhere. There are lots of terrific state parks and lakes within a 30-45 minute drive.


I don't recommend Indiana at all.


Longueuil, in the suburbs of Montreal here. I like where I live. Easy access to both city life and wilderness. Cost of living is quite affordable, crime rate is rather low, plenty of job opportunities, people are mostly easy going. I enjoy all the seasons we have. North American, European and multi-cultural at the same time.


Yes, I love where I live (Wyoming). No place like it in the world.


I will leave Kansas as soon as I find a job that gets me out of here. I do not recommend it at all.


I love Vegas, but we are running out of water. I’m hoping to head to Oregon.


I currently live in Pinellas county Florida, I grew up here & I love it here.
I lived 2 years in upstate NY (Troy), but it was too damn cold.
I lived almost 10 years in Ellicott City, MD. I loved it there too, the schools were great and the diversity was entertaining.


I have a love/hate relationship with where I live. The violent crime rates are extremely high. There are no good jobs nearby. Housing is extremely expensive.

But, there aren't many places in the world like it. I'm an hour from the beach, an hour from the snow, and an hour from both high and low deserts. This location is ideal for the life I lead.

d_day Level 7 Oct 4, 2018

I live in SW I love I like it yes...about 80k people here...not a lot of culture...cost of living is great...plenty of work...
On a separate note, I lived in NM for 6 years...just south of Albuquerque in Belen...sorry I ever moved...Albuquerque and Santa Fe are LOADED with culture with no limit to what you'll find. Great skiing and good roads...traffic is great compared to Chicago.. If you have never been there...highly recommend you check it would be pleasently surprised...NAMASTE


No but is better than some places. Its too hot in the summer but other places get hotter.


You need to provide more information. Climate preference? Political beliefs? Mountains ocean. City urban rural? etc. Otherwise, throw a dart.

Cultural resources, cost of living, climate, traffic...


I don't really love it here but that's mainly because I'm stuck surrounded by zealots.

That being said they stay away from me and I hate cities so this place is as good as any


It's beautiful and peaceful in East Tennessee but I don't love it here. I've been here too long. For someone looking for a change and lots of peace and quiet - it would be a nice place to come to

HeraTera Level 7 Oct 3, 2018

I lived in east Tn. for 20 yrs. It is beautiful country


I live in Southern California and love just about everything here except the traffic. It's bad but currently tolerable (barely) for now. Cannabis is legal and within a few hours drive you have the beach (excellent surfing) and Pacific Ocean, the Serra Nevada mountain range and many other mountains, huge deserts and all manner of world class entertainment. Temperatures are mild most of the year with a month or two of hot in the summers but low humidity and most nights (even when it's hot) are comfortable and the only snow is in the mountains. The economy is very good and plenty of jobs but housing (buying and renting) is very expensive. Just read that an income of about $80k/year in urban areas here buys roughly what about $50k/year buys in Wisconsin.

OCJoe Level 6 Oct 3, 2018

No, I don't. But after 30 years of trying to get out of here, I guess I'm stuck in SW Michigan


Idaho is a beautiful state. Lots of great parts. A bit on the right side of the spectrum for many but I have always loved it here.


I do not love where I live, the only thing keeping me in Arkansas is the job that I love.

brownH50 Level 6 Oct 3, 2018
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