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This is an interesting exploration:

People Tell Me I Don't Act Like I'm Married — What Does That Even Mean?


JacarC 8 Oct 6

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My wif, of thirty four years, and I, have/had many friends from most of the currently identifiable gender groups and continuums.

One of my oldest friends is a women i met in '93.

No sexual connections. (That i know of.) But, if so, i am so open to hearing her stories.

How could that not be reasonable? At least, from a man's point of possible interest, if so prompted to follow that line of thought.

At that point, who am i to suggest otherwise?


Yeah I see many commenters didn’t actually read the article. Nothing to do with flirting and such. My SO and I are as described in the article. We are both independent people and free spirits. It’s ok to do separate things with other people or alone. We are not attached at the hips, well, not all the time anyway. There are things he likes to do that I don’t like and that’s fine if he wants to do those things on his own or with friends. I like to travel alone or with a friend. I have other activities that don’t include him like dance and book club. We are united by our love for animals and we run a pet related business together. Unlike the person in the article, we have a rather open relationship as well so we both have the freedom to be with others. This kind of life may not work for everyone but it works for us.


People Tell Me I Don't Act Like I'm Married as well, but that is only because I've never been married. lol 🙂


Do they expect a tatoo,hot iron brand on your forehead,or a closet full of black shirts with "Married" in white letters?


Interesting article. I feel like I'm kinda in the same situation.. we are both happy but don't have the most normal situation lol


Look around you. I think it means you are not being pecked by a hen. Next, we have to see why a hen would want to peck you in the first place. Lastly, I'm concerned with why you would be hanging around hens.


I don't either, if that's any consolation. Lol I'm proud that I don't, too.


My guess is that you’re throwing them off by appearing happy ?.



They mean you flirt a lot. Or, other things you say and do would indicate to someone that you're single. It's not a compliment. It's another way for someone to say "if your wife saw/heard you now, she'd be hurt or feel disrespected."


@DaphneDarling No, I didn't. I didn't even notice the link until your reply, actually. I based my answer only on the question posed, my bad. Based on what you say about the article, I think I'd agree with it.

@DaphneDarling Thanks.


I'm not a millennial, but that's how I've always approached marriage.
Okay, maybe not the first one, but I was 19 and knew NOTHING.

Your spouse does not have to be your whole world. Nor should you be theirs.
No one should be "completing" anyone else. That's for movies, not real life.
Maintain your own identity, always.


You probably do a lot of flirting.


Great question.

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