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Feeling vindicated yet?

Krysia22 7 Oct 7

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Sickened, not vindicated.

JK666 Level 7 Nov 2, 2018

Probably a better description.


One step closer to chaos and revolution.... Just sayin....


Hate when my science fiction becomes reality!


I hope he goes to prison...


And what a party it is too ... he has more than proven that he is one of them !


Their losses - Kavanaugh is a great man - and his false accusers will be behind bars!

gater Level 7 Oct 7, 2018

I hope so Gater.


I wonder if his wife will divorce him or be a chump and stick around for his title??


Vindication is such a rarity and a luxury in these times....unless you are part of the GOP cult 😟


Not vindicated. Crushed. Defeated.


The oligarchs love him, that's all that matters in America now. The rest is just circus to distract us.


People better get out and vote in November. We are close to losing our Democratic Republic since so many don't bother to vote. The minority are going to destroy everything we have achieved, and will push their religious agenda through if we don't stand up and say NO!

We have reached a point where the Republican worst control not only all branches of the federal government but many of the state government bodies. They put in place laws that favor them, gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, that make it at best difficult if not impossible for Democrats to achieve a majority. The longer this situation lasts, the harder it becomes to affect any significant change. With the conservative majority in the Supreme Court (and the very real possibility of at least one more liberal justice going out before the end of Trump’s time in office), Republicans can run roughshod over decades of progressive rulings. I dread to imagine what the result would look like! If you look at polling for the November election, many if not most of the races across the country are all but dead heats and will be decided by small margins. Look for Republicans to involve every dirty trick in the book for contests where they lose by small numbers, including getting their new court to rule against elections they lose.

Our democratic republic is already gone. The only thing that's left is a facade to distract us of what is really going on. Corporations have bought our government and are making the rules now. There will be many, many changes that will have to be made if we want our democratic republic back.


Now he really is ruined for sure. 🙂


Return of the Deplorables

cava Level 7 Oct 7, 2018
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