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Atheists Groups Respond to Brett Kavnaugh'sConformation

sassygirl3869 9 Oct 8

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The republicans may think they have the last word but they do not. How many will turn away from the religion extremists and fight for a true morality based on the separation. I think many of the liberal religious groups know they will be left out when the ultra-orthodox grab power. This will be a lost cause for all religious groups.


Good article. How ever will we undo what the gop has done to this country.


I don't know why so many people put so much faith in the US Government or the Supreme Court. Any organization that rubber stamped slavery, while maintaining to uphold "all men are created equal" is obviously a group of lying hypocrites.

Nice article btw...


The Repbulithugs are their own special interest group and have shoved one of their own down our throat. The Gross Old Pricks have killed the US as we once knew it.

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