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American Christians Are Special? Really?

According to American Christians, well the ultra-Religious Right fundamentalist variety anyway, American Christians are special and entitled – ditto Christianity. I've culled the following headlines from full-text stories posted on the “Right Wing Watch” website that illustrate this all too clearly.

*Poll Finds ‘Christian Nation’ Notion Catching - Thank the Far Right’s Marketing Effort. (Posted 12 September 2007)

*First Amendment Rights Are For Christians Only! (Posted 13 August 2010)

*The Religious Right’s Exclusive Claim to Religious Freedom. (Posted 16 August 2010)

*Celebrate the 4th with a Christian Nation Bible [by Christian publisher Thomas Nelson Inc.] (Posted 3 July 2012)

*Conservative Group Tells Iowans Gov’t Will Become ‘Corrupted’ if it’s Not Led by Christians. (Posted 29 January 2016)

*Trump’s Dominionist Prayer Warriors Organizing To Build Christian Nation. (Posted 14 March 2017)

*POTUS Shield’s Frank Amedia: ‘We Shall Take This Nation Back For God’. (Posted 16 August 2017)

*AFA [American Family Association]: Religious Tests Are Perfectly Acceptable. (Posted 14 December 2009)

*The Awakening: More Right-Wing Preaching Needed to Save America. (Posted 24 April 2013)

*[Matt] Barber: Hobby Lobby Decision ‘Bodes Very Well’ For Christians Who Want To Discriminate Against Gays. (Posted 7 July 2014)

*David Barton and Andrew Wommack Say That Christians ‘Are Supposed To Be Ruling In This World’. (Posted 6 June 201smile027.gif

*[Jerry] Boykin: Christians Must Go On the Offensive against Islam. (Posted 7 November 2011)

*‘We’re The Government’: Jerry Boykin Says Our Government Was Founded to Be Run by Christians. (Posted 8 September 2015)

*[Herman] Cain: No Religion in Politics Except For “Biblical Principles”. (Posted 4 April 2011)

*Ben Carson: Christians Can Refuse To Do Their Jobs Because ‘This Is A Judeo-Christian Nation’. (Posted 9 September 2015)

*CADC [Christian Anti-Defamation Commission] Fisks Year-Old Obama Speech to Prove Christianity’s Superiority. (Posted 5 February 2010)

*Ted Cruz Vows To ‘Always, Always, Always’ Stand for The Right of Christians to Discriminate Against Gays. (Posted 21 May 2015)

*[Dave] Daubenmire: Not Allowing Christians To Bully Gays Is A Form Of Bullying Against Christians. (Posted 25 October 2013)

*Dave Daubenmire: White, Heterosexual Christians Are The Only Hope For America. (Posted 26 May 2016)

*[Republican South Carolina Senator Jim] DeMint: God Has Put Christians ‘in Charge of this Vineyard we Call America’. (Posted 27 June 2012)

*Leader of Trump Cabinet Bible Study [Ralph Drollinger]: God Only Hears Prayers of ‘Righteous’ Christians. (Posted 11 July 2017)

*Bible Study Leader [Ralph Drollinger] Wants Trump Cabinet Members To Use Their Positions To Spread Christianity. (Posted 7 May 201smile027.gif

*[Bryan] Fischer: All Immigrants Must “Convert To Christianity”. (Posted 8 April 2011)

*[Bryan] Fischer: Public Prayers Should “Be Reserved For Christians and Jews”. (Posted 29 August 2011)

*[Bryan] Fischer: “It’s Not a Problem When a Christian Says That”. (Posted 31 August 2011)

*[Bryan] Fischer Doubles Down, Demands Muslim Immigrants Convert to Christianity. (Posted 16 February 2012)

*[Bryan] Fischer: The Sale of Bacon Proves That America Is A Christian Nation. (Posted 16 September 2014)

*Bryan Fischer Wants To Require All Immigrants to Convert To Christianity. (Posted 22 September 2014)

*[Bryan] Fischer: All Immigrants are Welcome in America Provided They Convert to Christianity. (Posted 29 September 2015)

*Bryan Fischer: ‘We [Christians] are Smarter than the Smartest People in This Country’. (Posted 16 June 2016)

*Bryan Fischer: Jewish People & Other Non-Christians Don’t Have First Amendment Rights. (Posted 2 May 201smile027.gif

*[Louie] Gohmert: God has Ordained Christians to Run the Country. (Posted 19 October 2010)

*Rep. Jody Hice Tells Conservative Christian Pastors That ‘This Is Our Country, It’s Our Turf’. (Posted 6 April 2017)

*E.W. Jackson: Public Schools Should Be Teaching Prayer, The Bible And Christianity. (Posted 20 March 2017)

*[Harry] Jackson: Christians Deserve Tax Cuts and Applause. (Posted 22 October 2010)

*[D. James Kennedy]: “It Is Dominion We Are After. World Conquest … And We Must Never Settle For Anything Less”. (Posted 26 August 2011)

*Steve King Proves That America is a Christian Nation. (Posted 31 May 2013)

*Gordon Klingenschmitt: Christians Must Run For Office So the Church Can ‘Take Over the Government’. (Posted 26 October 2017)

*Dave Kubal: Christians Must Align With Elected Officials to Advance the Kingdom of God Through Government. (Posted 12 March 201smile027.gif

*Pro-Trump Prophet [Hank Kunneman]: God Chose Trump to Establish A ‘Blood Right’ To Allow The Church to Rule America. (Posted 30 January 201smile027.gif

*Joni Lamb: America is a Christian Nation and if You Don’t Like it, ‘You Shouldn’t Live Here’. (Posted 19 November 2012)

*GOP Partner David Lane Calls for Christianity as ‘Official Religion’ of US. (Posted 21 May 2015)

*Sen. James Lankford And Rep. Randy Forbes Want To Protect ‘Corporate Conscience’ So Christians Are Free To Discriminate. (Posted 18 March 2015)

*Scott Lively: ‘Religious Freedom’ Only Applies to Christians, and that’s Why God’s Punishing Us with Gay Rights. (Posted 4 August 2015)

*CPAC: A Christian Nation Needs a Biblical Military [According to GOP congressional candidate Ilario Pantano]. (Posted 10 February 2011)

*[Tony] Perkins Agrees With [Robert] Jeffress That Voters Should Prefer Christian Leaders. (Posted 24 October 2011)

*FRC [Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins] Cites Bogus George Washington Story to Promote Christian Nationalism. (Posted 28 October 2013)

*Tony Perkins: No Religion in Government, Unless It’s My Religion. (Posted 15 January 2015)

*[Janet] Porter Gets Choked Up Talking About How God Is Using Christians to Save America. (Posted 3 May 2011)

*Lila Rose: The Church Must ‘Rise Up’ because ‘This is Our Nation’. (Posted 8 May 2012)

*[Donald] Trump: America Is a Judeo-Christian Nation Because ‘That’s The Way It Is’. (Posted 10 June 2016)

*[Donald] Trump: US Built on Judeo-Christian Values, Things ‘So Different From What Our Country Used to Be’. (Posted 24 August 2016)

*David Whitney: Government Should Be Christian-Only. (Posted 6 July 2016)

*[Tim] Wildmon: ‘Satan Hates America’ Because This Nation Was Created to Spread the Christian Gospel. (Posted 23 July 2015)

*Rick Wiles: ‘You Don’t Have the Right To Worship Lucifer in This Country’. (Posted 10 October 2017)

This is what is known in the trade as trying to justify your bigotry.


*Conservative Columnist George Will: ‘Christian Nation’ Version of History Is Hooey. (Posted 27 November 2006)

*Random Book Blogging: The Declaration of Independence Did Not Establish a Christian Nation. (Posted 8 March 2011)

*Trump Cabinet Bible Study Pastor Ralph Drollinger on the ‘Fallacy of Christian Nationalism’. (Posted 30 January 201smile027.gif

By johnprytz7
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Rick Wiles is wrong. You have every right to worship me in this country, I just ask that you please don't. It won't do either of us any good. I don't answer prayers any more than a god would, which is to say, not at all.

Lucifer Level 6 Jan 4, 2019

Well they obviously need all that in order to shield themselves from terribly dangerous atheists...

Denker Level 7 Oct 20, 2018

Xtians, like innumerable others from differing religions are 'brainwashed' into believing that they are special and as such deserve special treatment all because their holy book/s tells them so.
Here in Australia we now have Xtians, the P.M. in particular ( a Hillsong Member btw) screaming ever so loudly that they NEED Religious Freedoms and Protection.
I ask, WHAT the FUCK are they on about, Religions have had more FREEDOMS and PROTECTIONS for the last 2,000+ years than anyone/thing I can ever hope to think of.
What do they want, is it the sole RIGHT to knock on the door of ANYONE and gain admittance without refusal, do they want the Sole Right and Power to Coerce every single human being into following their inane, arcane and archaic beliefs?
What PROTECTION/S are they after they haven't already had for 2,000+ years?

Triphid Level 8 Oct 14, 2018

Yeah Christians are special.They are extraordinarily presumptuous. They are also woefully ignorant and plagued by tunnel vision. They are also driven to impose their hackneyed views on everyone else, which itself is a kind of hubris. Wasn't pride supposed to be one of the deadly sins? So we better add deep-seated hypocracy to the list. Shall I go on? How much time have we got? ?


I would say that Christians have the upper hand. They have the powerful religious leaders promoting their cause. And they keep at it! I get the feeling that a non-Christian practicing person is unacceptable!

@johnprytz the Christians stick together which makes their numbers look better! And, they seem to have an ‘unwavering,’ loud voice! I rarely see non-believers out here ‘beating the bushes,’ preaching, that they have ‘the answers,’ for mankind! It is disheartening at best!

It is their aim to make uncomfortable anyone who does not conform to their belief system. Failing that, they may simply kill those who fail to get in line. The history of Christianity is a history of torture, murder, and genocide.

@Flyingsaucesir yes, history backs that up! Maybe, since it is getting safer for non-believers to stand their ground, things will change!

@johnprytz come to think of it, me neither! Actually, no personal persuasions, either!

@Flyingsaucesir sad to say...I agree! In their mind it is great, to die for your beliefs! Actually, that message has been imbedded with their teachings, all along! I heard it all my life! Just sick!


Well, they are undeniably... "special" people - and average on the scale of religious zealotry. Wanna bet there is not a muslim equivalent of the madness above?
Every narcissist asshole loved most by their imaginary friend wants more pay and respect for less work and morals. Greed, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, flaunted on display.

MLinoge Level 7 Oct 11, 2018

These are the people who will end the world folks

motrubl4u Level 7 Oct 10, 2018

Well now that you've sufficiently hammered home the sense that we're doomed....

kmdskit3 Level 8 Oct 10, 2018

America is the most fanatical Christian nation in the world

I am sure it's not a contest to win a prize but I can think of other countries messed up by Christianity way worst than us

@IamNobody we are still doing ravaging crusades over Muslims while other nations quit that shit very long time ago. So not exactly sure wutcha talking about

@IamNobody You are probably right, but 'merca is in line to be top dog and gaining ground perpetually.

@jlynn37 it must really suck lemons to hate your own country that you can't even say it correctly, if you are a true American, which I doubt. Anyhow, I am not going to waste much time with you. Keep hating, the burning sensation you're feeling right now will hurt you, not me. Or, you're just another troll and we have seen many passing by. Dunno, don't care....later dude.

@Morganfreeman You said and I quote "America is the most fanatical Christian nation in the world" and my answer is a sound no. I don't understand why you are not exactly sure "wutcha" talking about. I can't tell you what I am NOT talking about though... "ravaging crusades over Muslims", that's not what I am talking about neither taking the bait. Obviously that line of discussion is important to you, clearly not to me. And probably you may dislike this one even more. I have a lot of Muslim friends that are not only good people, they love being American and understand the big advantage of loving over hate. Unfortunately they get a bad rap for the few bad apples, sure there are some of those too.


Expanding a bit too much to make a point is the very reason why the point gets lost along the way..... And now with sarcasm and rolling drum sound ... What's your point?

IamNobody Level 8 Oct 10, 2018

The point is; religion, and specifically christianity in 'merca, is so harmful to society. Obvious to me.

@jlynn37 it's obvious that it is obvious to you, that doesn't mean it is for everyone. Anyway, since you have clarified your point, Christianity is a piece of shit and always has been. It will vanish (the rapture, how lovely ironic) but, here is the most important part.... After everything is said and done, America will keep thriving forever way after you and I will be dead. Hate all you want, that's your choice. Do you know why? That's right, this is America.

@johnprytz No, that's not what I want, neither what's really happening. It's all rhetoric trying to pin this down on our current state of events. Just tell me something, since when the bible belt have existed? Bible crap has been around forever and every administration have used that non sense since we have recollection as a country. Every deposition on any case starts under oath on a stupid bible, among other things. Why is it so damn important just now?

@johnprytz Just what I thought.... You could've saved a lot of people's time with your long posting. All you had to say is that you hate Trump.

@johnprytz You don't hate him because you don't know him, that actually makes sense and agree with it. It was a good start, I'll give you that much. But then again, back to square one. You don't live in the US but drank the Kool-aid anyway......

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