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As a man, it's my job to accomplish two things:
1- Fix things
2- Piss women off by trying to fix everything

Duke 8 Oct 11

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So just take it all apart and pronounce it is a work in motion.


Why don't you try to fix the pissing women off thing?


No No Duke you don't have to fix things just coz your a man...wimin can fix things too and not because their wimin!
Your right on the fixing everything though.......just fix the things that someone has asked you to fix.
Oh..hang on have I taken this too literally? Sorry.....


You forgot spiders!

  1. stay out of the way. 2. remember to check exp. dates when buying milk and bread.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to make sure the eggs aren't cracked.

@JimG yep that's a good one needs to be in there.


And catch bugs


I'm pretty sure you meant:
1 - Mess things up
2 - Look for a woman to fix what you broke or call a licensed professional
3 - Figure out a way to make the woman think the whole thing was her fault


I won't get pissed off if you try, I will get very pissed off if you make it worse.


What about breaking things by fixing things that weren't broken, so you'd have something broke to fix?

Or does that fall into category 2?

Haha. That sounds like a man's version of Munchhausen By Proxy.


Are you succeeding in either of them?


And we shouldn't try to be plumbers either.


But, she just wants you to listen... Lol!

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