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Is It Time For A Serious Discussion About Execution for Treason if Mueller Proves Trump Committed Treason With Russia?

sassygirl3869 9 Oct 21

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Nope. Execution for treason only happens during wartime.

The best we can hope for is for all of them to be dropped into a series of oubliettes and forgotten about.


There won't be an execution.....


I opposed all government sponsored homicide


This looks a little extreme and the powers that be would never go for it. What could easily happen here is another civil war because of beliefs of both parties. What else would you expect when some people are so committed to Trump that it would not matter to them if he openly committed murder?

This is what I think about too. We are definitely in uncharted territory with this orange buffoon.


I wish for a lifetime prison sentence. In General Population, complete with a Jeffrey Dahmer ending.

We think alike Black Dove. 🙂


I always predicted that fake tan boy would follow in the footsteps of Mussolini, who consolidated fascist power with other dictators and eventually wound up hanging by his heels. Treason is difficult to prosecute if there is no actual war, and as others have pointed out, congress has to find the will to act. I am not in favor of capital punishment, primarily because it is unjustly and unfairly applied to the detriment of non - whites. I'd be OK with it here, but it would have to get a lot worse first. And it might.


No. No martyrdom for him. His die-hard followers would immediately have a new religion with a new messiah.


We should have Bannon warm up the electric chair for them.

Seriously, this isn't an option, but long term prison sentences up to life without parole sounds good.

JimG Level 8 Oct 21, 2018

no. first of all, the death penalty is primitive and no civilized nation should have it. second of all, he loves his comfort and should be forced to live in a cell with no golden toilet but instead a big strong hunky horny cellmate. and third of all, executing him would make him a martyr in the eyes of the trumpkins. and FOURTH of all it wouldn't solve the problem, since the whole republican party is now just a criminal organization posing as a political party. lock them up! lock them up!



This is the most serious situation since the civil war. The part that bothers me the most is the christians. They always support their man jesus and what he stands for but now that are pimping him on the streets. My question is will the real true christians ever find the courage to stand up? Seems like they just feel jesus was wrong and are correcting the foundation of which they surrendered to .

EMC2 Level 8 Oct 21, 2018

If there is concrete evidence/proof that the behavior of this cabal was to undermine democracy in our republic would that not create a constitution crisis on a level never seen before?
Until the facts were overwhelming and Nixon resigned his biggest supporters stuck by him.

From their actions we know the gop is doing the bidding of the big corporate and very/super wealthy. Putin has had a plan to bring down America his whole life and trump his his patsy boy but is the proof there? Proof that fox, the gop and others who support trump CAN NOT spin in any way. I sure hope so.


Sure, the same way Obama should have been removed from office because he wasn't born in the USA. @@

That is a funny one . Yeh it is stuff like that the right actually believes and we cannot seem to educate them with facts or books or even common sense. Good one, yes people actually believe what you just said, Go figure


Lock him up!!! The problem is as long as he is 'president' he can pardon himself. If a Republican becomes president he will pardon the SOB (like Ford did with Nixon). This may may need to wait until he is out.


No, I'd rather see him spend the rest of his life in jail, running in-house financial schemes to rip off his fellow innies.

Under no circumstance do I want Spence as a president. We need to somehow wait till Trump is out of office before he is convicted of anything, though proceedings could start now as they will take a while anyway.

And, in any case, I do not believe in capital punishment.


That will never happen....impeachment probably won’t either. Sorry to rain on your parade but Im in a gloomy mood over our own impending Brexit fiasco!

Agreed 😟

I disagree fully, Mueller has gathered substantial information, Kelly, Manaford, Flynn, Gates and down the list are telling the story. What trump is doing is so serious I do believe he will face serious action. We have never been here before ergo there is no history to go by.

@EMC2 Time will tell.

@Marionville Yes it will and I must admit it has gone on much longer that I believed it would. However, I am an avid Rachel Maddow watcher. With that, her story has never slipped up. There appears the only way for him to survive is to not allow us to take the house. If this happens he is free to have our nation and all of his cult followers will drink the juice.


Let's not turn him into a saint! I'd rather see him in a seedy, dark prison, cowering in a corner every time one of the ''boys'' walks by and eyes his big, soft buttocks!


I wouldn't cry, but expect Pence will pardon him. The alternative is to let him finish his four years, and when a POTUS is a responsible person.

I heard Mueller would release his report after the election in Nov. The Rethuglicans may have the opportunity to impeach him.


i do agree that impeachment needs to be acted on, but after the midterms.


There has NEVER in the history of this once great nation been a better case for prosecution of treason then there is now. tRump, Cotton, McConnell, Ryan have totally undermined the very foundations of this nation. Add the Koch Brothers and yes several current cabinet members to this list. Their loyalty is NOT to the American People by any stretch of the imagination.

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