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What do men want in a woman?

ShellyBean 6 Feb 4

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I cannot speak for all men, but what I look for in a woman is someone who is a friend, confidant, and lover. Someone I can spend time with me and never tire of my company. Someone who understands even when I don't.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 4, 2018

Exactly the same a woman wants in a man.


I'm staying out of this one.


Intelligence, strength, humor, acceptance, physical enticement, sexuality, common sense, and so much more.


as a men, laughter first, conversation second. The rest will stem from the first two.

What do you laugh at without conversation? Pratfalls?

@FrayedBear communication would have been the word I should have used. I think in my head while I was writing this, I was picturing the act and not the intent.


I like a woman who is smaller than me and takes care of her self physically, mentally and emotionally. Other than that I just look for compatability of world views, and a good personality.




Hmmm .... for them to turn up for that coffee they suggested would be a good start.


Self confidence!! The woman with whom I will share my life should be sure of herself. Insecurity kills any relationship. From being both of us secure individuals will come a high degree of trust, mutual respect and admiration, great communication, loyalty, mutual support an great company, which in turn will make it easy and pleasurable for both of us to pursue our callings, our self-actualización. And that, I submit to you, is what love is, not the syrupy candy heart stuff. Romance is an essential part of it, of course, as much as good sex, but without the above, it has a good chance to fail. Some people call it chemistry; such a tremendously ambiguous term. Too ambiguous to base your relationship on it. And unlike sex, self confidence can last well into old age.


In order, kindness, honesty, loyalty, intelligence, then maybe I think about the physical stuff.


I don't know about any other men but as for me you could read my profile. 😉


Oh, and one more ting ....


Id say there are a few universals.

  1. They make the man feel better than without.
  2. They take care of the man when needed.
  3. They care more about their man than anyone else with the possible exception of their children.

Beyond that? Tall, short, fat, thin, ugly, pretty, smart, dumb, naive, shrewd, every color on earth.
You can throw out random positive personality traits, and most guys want those. You can throw out negative personality traits, and some guys want those. I guess what I'm trying to say is... yes.


Someone that's pretty, nice, and reasonable - anymore than that is icing 🙂

gater Level 7 Feb 5, 2018

Honestly -- companionship, understanding, support, love, and at least occasional hand-jobs.

3 have sexual thought, or experience every 20 minutes. They may not notice it, but it is there, from the smell of a woman's perfume, or the sound of her voice, her hair, her eyes, her figure, her walk, and her clothing. It is not all their fault. Society has created this image of women being the " weaker sex ", and it has been imprinted in their heads. And, what makes it worse is some women even encourage it.

@VirginCotton, I was being very polite with my answer, but this is the info I found on the internet search; . Some people said they thought about sex only once per day, whereas the top respondent recorded 388 clicks, which is a sexual thought about every two minutes. I guess that sex, and food are a part of our basic instinct, and that some people have more control over it than others.

VirginCotton: I think you have decided to broaden the topic at hand.


The type of being that can stomach 5 grams of psilocybin containing shrooms and be relatively the same person 24 hours later

A being like that belongs with this posting-personality type, the shroom part was the ever-present uselessNess always in my now


Personally I think it is so much as want, but to be with someone is not just the good points but you love the bad things about a person and accept them.


I guess I will chime in. In a man, I have a type...not physically, mind, but with regard to intelligence and a sense of humor. If the intimacy is rewarding, then he becomes sexy and beautiful to me...regardless of appearance. That being said, I draw the line at gargoyles. 🙂

What would quasimodo say to you?🙂

@Healthydoc70 "SANCTUARY!"


Maybe should phrase it: 'want from women.'


normally there penis

I know and sadly I used the same silly line but hey ho lol. you got to have a laugh. you did walk straight into that one Shelly.


A PhD, a pulse, a sense of humor, free of invisible sky friends, kindness, integrity, less than 3 dogs and 4 cats, interest in fitness, books and a leftist point of view. No trumpanzee girls. and an affectionate nature. Extra points for dancing, cycling and Beethoven's 9th.


To SheBeSecular- brilliant response to quasimodo-SANCTUARY

BTW-have you read the unabridged version of Notre Dame . I have and thought it was excellent.


What Do I want in a woman? Easy answer: A "lady" who is drama-free, intelligent, and can stimulate my mind with intelligent conversation. The natural high I get when I have an engaging conversation with a lady is gives me hope that not everyone gives up on "learning".


I'm unsure. I've never been with a man.


Someone interesting.

Someone intelligent.

Someone trustworthy and dependable.

Someone you can respect as well as lust for.

Oh - and a pleasant level of nymphomania, insanely long legs, a cute face, a fine figure, and a love of wearing astonishingly little are bonusses.

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