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So what is it that these people have in common? You would think there would be a common thread but what is it?

Surfpirate 8 Oct 30

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They are male?

Some of them might be female but it is hard to tell with some of these hair cuts, just brutal.

@Surfpirate as I recall, from the events they are all male.

@AmmaRE007 I stand corrected.


Were they all categorised as mentally ill?

There were possibly insanity defenses made, not sure how that worked out for all of them,

@Surfpirate I do recall a lot of talk about the majority of these situations where the individuals were on similar anti-depression medications.



Doing gawd's work?



They all bought into the American dream - then realised it was just that.


I'm going to guess that they were very frustrated stamp collectors, I admit that I could be wrong on this one. 😉

Hey, leave stamp collectors husband was an eminent philatelist! ?


THEY ARE Caucasian?

Get outta Dodge! How the heck did a bunch of white males manage to get their hands on a bunch of hand guns and automatic weapons in an affluent and civilized nation like the U. S. of A.? It seems to be a mystery that only the National Rifle Association can answer but they aren't talking.

That's just hate speech, even if they are!

@brentan how is that hate speech? No one is saying that ALL caucasians are like that .. isn't that just the elephant in the room?

@AmmaRE007 I know, I know. I just wanted a quick trip in the politically correct wagon. It's over now.


They are all angry white males who had easy access to weapons and took out their rage on innocent victims.

No, they are not all white or Caucasian. One of them is half Malaysian.

@sfvpool ALMOST all....but I consider that to be splitting hairs! The half Malaysian must be half something else.....white American perhaps? Any better argument that that poor effort at deflection?

@Marionville No, not half American. He was born in the UK to a journalist father. Why does his color matter to you?

@sfvpool It doesn’t...but the question posed is what do they have in common? Well they are all white or 15 out of 16 are white and the other is half white. They are also all mass murderers but that is not an observable feature by just looking at their pictures if the captions weren’t there. So what would your answer be to the question since you take issue with mine?

@Marionville My first answer, below, was that they are all male.

@sfvpool Seemed just a bit too obvious.

@Marionville Yes, I know, but that was the only thing that seemed obvious without putting forth more effort than I wanted to expend.


Like guns and bombs-NRA supporters maybe?


They all seem to have brown eyes.


Obviously antisocial characters.. victims of a corrupted society themselves.


Antipsychotic meds,over dosing(or not enough)?


How many of these white male shooters survived?


All identified ss Christian


They're all worthless defective almost-humans that really should just be euthanised.

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