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I am super proud of all you nonbelievers who rocked the vote today!. Show me your “I voted” stickers! Early voting was an hour wait yesterday and I hear the polls are packed today too!

CaroleKay 8 Nov 6

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Here you go Doll ❤ ?
My girl & I voted very carefully, judges and all. BLUE or NOTHING!

Yay! ❤❤


I voted for Beto.

Smart man. ❤

@CaroleKay 🙂) you can have the shirt off my back.


I voted two Saturdays ago. ?

Way to go pretty lady. Look for your package in the mail


@glennlab yes yes! Looking forward ??


Don't boo... Vote!

Yay perfect, I like your profile pic too!

@CaroleKay Sadly, they just called the victory for Ted Cruz tonight 😟

@Alvingo1 I just saw that. Unfortunately, not exactly the night we wanted, but it's still going to be a good night. We have new progressives in the house.


No sticker, but I was in line at 7AM when the polls opened. I had a 20 to 25 minute wait. I hope the repubs were too embrassed to come out.

CS60 Level 7 Nov 6, 2018

Nice! I hope so too!


Save Our Canadian Bacon folks.. GO DEMS!!!!

Go blue wave! and thanks for your support!

@CaroleKay following the returns on TYT.. fingers crossed for the house.

@Davekp Good idea, I'll do that. I will have to sleep though, I have an early day.

@CaroleKay Yeah.. I have to be up at 5 myself. Have a great day CK. 🙂


I voted by mail last week and tossed the sticker because I never wear it. I guess I'm just not a sticker person. But I did vote across the board against the creeping fascism in this country so can I be forgiven for trashing the sticker?

Don't hate me for being anti-sticker. 😟

It's just a sticker, It's the vote that counts. You did the right thing. Xoxo.


I voted by mail and did not get a sticker.?




What? No fairs! I voted Last Monday at early voting, I'm traveling and I left my sticker at home! ☹️

Yay! girl! ♥ but you voted and did the right thing. That's what matters!

Me too...ON the Road Again...[singing]


I didn't vote today, some silly rule about having to be an American citizen but I think my 3 kids voted because they have dual citizenship.

You are a great father.


The long lines should be a good sign for our side.

Long lines means that voter suppression is in effect. There should be adequate ballots/machines so that no voter is in line more than 30 minutes. If voters are in line at any precinct more than 30 minutes you should contact your county officials and demand that they better staff/supply election locations.

@glennlab I agree, but they are standing in those lines.

@Sticks48 that shows how pissed they are, and that's good for our side.

@glennlab That is what I am hoping.


@glennlab Voter suppression makes me beyond furious. I am shaking. Shaking, Boss, Shaking!




They didn't give me a sticker. You will have to take my word.

I know you voted because that's how you roll. ♥

@CaroleKay We all roll.


Vote two weeks ago, but it still counts (I hope, lol)!

Obligatory pic of the!

@mojopie Excellent, you rock!


I voted last week, since we're living in the past.

I adore you. ♥

@CaroleKay awe shucks, back atcha! ❤


Already posted mine in Deviant

Of course! 😉



Deb57 Level 8 Nov 7, 2018



While I voted early, and I drug other people to the polls, it appears we may have lost in deep red Texas, I know the votes won't be final until tomorrow, it is hot tub time and I hope it makes it better.

Thanks for “dragging” other people to the polls. And concerning Texas, I hope Beto rattled their cages.

@CS60 This was the wakeup call to Hispanic voters, they now realize their power, 6 R seats flipped in Texas.


I voted for every Democrat and every woman. Sorry, guys, but you have had your chance. We think with our dicks. No smart woman would have ever invaded Iraq. It is time to turn everything over to the women, especially The Pentagon. The White House will have to wait.

Respect. ❤


Voted and verified.

Excellent. I didn't know you could track your ballot!

@CaroleKay We do in Colorado...the progressive State.


Voted 10/22 at the crack of dawn, (9 am) all Ds and 1 L, (no D in the race)

Way to go!


Im almosted embarassed ro say... i was in and out in 5 minutes. But i did make them move some repub signs 10 ft ftom the entrance. Lol


I wish I could show you my sticker, but I mailed my ballot in last week--straight blue.

Whoot! Awesome #BlueWave

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