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Anyone else have family that says "im going to miss you when you're in hell?"?

By thebinx3
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I avoid this entire drama with my "don't ask; don't tell" policy regarding being "out" to relatives.

Orbit Level 7 Dec 11, 2018

"I'll be having too much fun with my friends...you?"
Or, "I am looking forward to the peace & quiet & non-judgemental attitude"
Or, if pushed to the limit, "none of your beeswax".
You could also mention Unlimited Gall.......


Well, bless them and their self-assurance that they're heaven bound! If they can be that sure, they're claiming the power to determine their fate, in which case they're not relying on a determination from another power. How does that not imply that they could possess veto power over a supreme being? Their own faith could suggest they're in for a surprise. ?


No ..but whenever I did anything stupid as a child .My Mother...not the most sympathetic would say "Hell mend you ".
Nice !


I can only imagine how painful a statement that was to receive. I didn't deal with that in my family but it would have caused many feelings in me that I would have had to process. Hang tough.


I'd laugh at their stupidity if they tried.




This does raise philosophical issues. If heaven is supposed to be free of pain, how can they miss you? If they don't miss you, are they really 'them'?

I've thought of that, and are you, you in heaven since something in you was changed so that you won't suffer


There seems to be a slight anomaly here in that, if you go to Heaven then you are supposed to be a happy little camper. But how can you be a happy little camper in Heaven when you have a loved one(s) who are in Hell? Presumably while you're all still alive and kicking a family member who thinks you are going to Hell is also someone who loves you and cares for you. Presumably. That said, nobody who has told me to to go to, or wished me in, Hell, has been a family member and thus a presumed loved one which is not to say that lots of non-family people haven't wished me there! They have. However, if you are someone who doesn't actually believe in a literal Heaven or a literal Hell (like me), then you can take the comment with perhaps more of a grain of salt than would otherwise be the case.


Really sorry to hear this: it's a pretty hurtful situation - and one that either has you compromise massively, or lose contact. Both horrible outcomes.


No, but that would be a one way ticket to "You're dead to me". No ifs ands or buts.

Bad enough my girl's aunt thinks gawd sends disasters to places because "he's really mad about the hate in the world". (also thinks her measly prayers to give her one more day with her dog being answered is a thing while children are starving)
Just NO. Nope that shit from space. Nopety Nope Nope Nopesville USA. GTFO, do not pass GO, do not collect $100.

Qualia Level 8 Nov 7, 2018

Yup - with you. I don't really speak to my parents any more, because of the way they talk about religion, and try to convert my children. The kids are older now - 19 and 16 - and pretty immune, but it's just disgusting.

It's hard though... properly hard. I'd love to have a relationship with them but mum is so deeply manipulative I find it impossible.

@OwlInASack See this shit can go both ways. Although we're estranged I could have easily whipped out the "You know God isn't real right? Just like Santa isn't real" to her kids in retaliation for prostelityzing to mine. THANK DOG I never allowed my kid to be immersed in that from the outset!
I didn't force my girl, she had a choice, but I didn't encourage religion either.
She's a heathen lefty too.

@Qualia Beautiful!

I always said to my kids: don't just believe what I believe - work it out for yourselves. I pointed out how many good and decent friends we have who believe. Intelligent and educated too.

But I suggested they hold their position open until they were adults and - here's the sneaky bit - able to evaluate the evidence of the competing truth claims.

That's effective inoculation against religion.

My girl didn't come to her thoughts without a price though, kids, some her friends, would gasp, one told her she's going to hell. Don't think I didn't want to rip their arms off!
Brought back childhood memories of my cousin saying the same to me when I was in elementary school. She scared me to death. Her god certainly didn't do anything for her life that's for sure.

@Qualia yeah - you’re in a very different situation in the US (or Saudi Arabia or whichever theocracy it is ?) In most of Europe being publicly religious is seriously frowned upon.

A kid who says they’re into god is going to get some very weird looks...


No, they will be right there with me.

Sticks48 Level 9 Nov 7, 2018

Don't worry.

You die first.

It's arranged.


not me! i was raised a secular jew. i didn't even know whether my parents believed in god or not until i was in my 20s. (they weren't sure.)


genessa Level 8 Nov 7, 2018

Wow, what a lovely thing to say to someone ?

Remi Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

My ex in laws. They told my kids that I was leading them to hell. Scared them so much. Made me SO angry. Now they are grown and make their own decisions. They are atheist and in no way worry about religious bullshit. Needless to say, they don't see their Grandparents often.

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