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What was your Facebook breaking point? For me, it was finding out so many of my “friends” were racist or racist adjacent. That was one of the reasons I left Christianity, but back then I didnt really know the depth of the thoughts of the other parishioners, but Facebook opened up a new level of sad.

Rideauxb 7 Feb 7

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I still use farceburke regularly.

I'm very fussy about who I accept as friends and restrict it only to people I have met.

Most of those are either close friends or other bikers and racers with whom I share a common interest.


I still use facebook but have have cut way back by unfriending or unfollowing a lot of pages and people.


just so many idiots talking crap about things they know nothing about


Pretty much the same, my friend.


In the past 12 months I had to unfriend a number of people, not just on facebook, , I am pro lgbt, people are people, for me you are either in favour of equality or oppression, there is no middle ground. In Oz we had our plebishite and people who were arguing it is ok to say NO to equality, well, not my sort of people.


I finally joined facebook not even a year ago, I limited my number of friends. I only have a few that voted for trump and they are smart enough to realize we can agree to disagree. I warned them one of my reasons for being on facebook was to comment on trump and the politics of the gop. My kid sister, her man and my neice and nephew are like minded. My identical twin is a trumpette and is not on my list of friends. That's life. That said, I am sorry you had to find the truth about folks you perceived were friends, race can be the great equalizer when it comes down to who ya want to hang with.


I guess my FB breaking point was when a "friend" of mine started sharing anti-LGBT stuff. What really got me was the fact that this "friend" acted like a friend to my sister, and my sister is bisexual. I PM'd her and was like, "How can you say something like that about my sister? She's YOUR FRIEND, for fuck sake!" She then went on about how homosexuality is a sin, that she didn't mean anything bad towards my sister, she was just trying to "help" people like was nonsense. And I told her as much. I told her that she needed to either drop the religious bullshit all together, or find some way to bring tolerance of LGBT people into her religion. Playing make-believe is nice and all, but not when you use your make believe as an excuse to be a dick to others.

The thing is, we used to be very close through our shared passion for music. I have a lot of fond memories of our time in Music Theory class together. I loved her- not in a crush or relationship way, but I really cared about her. Now thinking of her fills me with bitterness and anger. Even when confronted by a good friend about the harmful effects of her beliefs, she chose her beliefs over me and my sister. It felt horrible, to say the least...


I only use FB as a storage space for links. I can go there & find what I saved as opposed to searching all over the internet. I also use it to snoop on folks. Their photos or updates.


I began warning Facebook friends (all Haiti "missionary kid" childhood friends) about their hate memes back when President Obama was elected, and defriended a few of them, but when the 2016 election hate memes got going, I ended up defriending most of them.

I have a few nonreligious people left, though. The Christian friends left aren't active, and likely have already "unfollowed" me to avoid my liberal posts.


Were they your friends, or people that you befriended on Facebook? People are too quick to label someone that they have never met as friends. I value all my online connections, but until I meet you and I interact with you and I am comfortable with you, you are an " online-friend".


Facebook has been incredibly eye-opening for me as well. I had no idea the level of bigotry and intolerance among some of my family and friends until l began to see many of them share awful things in reference to President Obama. Sadly, with the political climate as it is, things have only gotten worse. I’ve had to block family members for verbally attacking me. Something about being behind a screen emboldens people to release their inner ugliness. It’s sad.

Amie Level 3 Feb 7, 2018

Getting rid of it is a solution. I never like it anyway.

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