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Still gross to hear it, for me anyway. Lol

ShieldMaiden_76 6 Nov 9

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OMG! That's a fabulous new context for that clip!!!

Zster Level 8 Nov 10, 2018

Along side the world of reality there exists, as you no doubt understand, a world of fantesy where the imagination plays with ideas, creates scenarios, and entertains notions. One aspect that stimulates is the idea of taboo or naughty things. Daring the forbidden can be stimulating. And language bridges the gap between the fantesy and the real. So stimulating your naughty parts is a strong fantesy that becomes stronger if it is verbalized and of course strongest when you have a lover helping you engineer an orgasm or other plesent sensation. Unless you are flying solo, your partner needs to get a share of the stimulation to make it mutual.


Are you saying you don't like to have it done or you just didn't like to read about having it done?

Neither of those, I don't want someone to say that to me. I'd never say it. Lol

@ShieldMaiden_76 So fellatio and conalingus are not in your to do list?

@azzow2 did you not read? I said "say it" to me. I'm not one for dirty talk while fucking.

@ShieldMaiden_76 Neither am I. I'm also not into "what's me name" and "who's your daddy."

@ShieldMaiden_76 Just teasing a tad. "The saying goes to each is own"

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