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401 pm, pouring down raining, cold and raw. Getting dark already. Why do people live in the north?

Bigwavedave 8 Nov 12

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Beauty comes with a price.


I'm not one for snow and cold. Did enough of that growing up.
Love living in endless summer here in Clearwater FL.
But I do like when it cools down from Hi90's th mid 70's in the winter.
Which we still haven't seen yet. It's still hot as hell out.
AC it key here.

I always thought that Florida without AC would be tolerable if the humidity didn't make me too rusty.


Best time of year


Everybody has to live somewhere. South has got too much heat and humidity, and skeeters the size of B52s. I live here because at some point in history German immigrants were offered cheap land and my grandparents ended up here to farm that cheap land. Though I have lived elsewhere including Europe and Japan, I ended up 50 miles from where I was born.

I appreciate that . Being an ocean and mountain guy you have darkness and flatness and lack of oceans. See I can't be satisfied.


Like my grandmother used to say "they ain't got a lick of sense".


Born here. Economic opportunity (better jobs, more unions than the South). Now retired with a state of Michigan pension that has insurance that is only good inside of Michigan (Blue Care Advantage), so stuck here. Oh, and wife will not move to Arizona.


It got all the way up to a high of 45F here today, and that will likely be the warmest day of the week. A couple of days ago I went walking while it was just above freezing, and raining. By the time I got done it had turned to snow.

Nothing a good winter jacket, scarf, ski hat and gloves won't fix.

In some ways I'd like to try wintering someplace like Quebec City (the most winter snow in populated North America, I'm given to understand). At least winter is decisive there. None of this mucking about, repeatedly freezing and thawing, and turning everything into a tooth-rattling washboard. Plus they have the equipment to remove snow expeditiously.


Because's like this? 🙂

Hey I have been to New Jersey. It did not look like that!!

@Bigwavedave Did you try the old one? Not quite the same...



@OwlInASack lol you win . Very nice

@Bigwavedave Yeah - still getting dark at 3:30 this afternoon though! But that winter pub culture kicks in a bit. I love an old fashioned pub: clean, those yellow lights, loads of brass - looking Dickensian from the outside. Have to just decide I don't drink on Mondays and Tuesday as a minimum or I could have a pint every night of the week...


I don’t know but I live in south Texas. This is cold enough for me, but if it was in the 70s for the high’s and in the 50s for the low’s year round it would be perfect. That is pretty much California weather but the coat of living in Texas is a lot cheaper.

balou Level 8 Nov 12, 2018

What North do you live in? Scotland, Yorkshire, somewhere in Denmark or Canada?

Lol north carolina!


I loved living up north when it was all I knew. Now I miss the north a bit as the south is so conservative. I love the snow but don’t miss six months of it. Ugh!! I’ll find my happy place yet!


Because it builds character.

You must be full of it! 🙂

@Bigwavedave Nah. Just a hard as nails Pennsylvanian. Not quite New England tough, but close.

Lol ... grows hair on your chest, keeps out the riff-raff.


I was asked by a Spanish tourist visiting my wee part of Scotland during June a few years ago. "What time does it get dark?" I replied August!

That's a good one. I can see how Spaniards and Italians would feel that way.

close to the Arctic circle I see?

@Lukian Not that bad, we do get a bit of twilight 23:30-01:30, but not total darkness.

@Sofabeast makes sense at 57" latitude... the arctic circle starts at 66".


Some people love it - four seasons and all that ...

And I'm glad they do , otherwise they'd ALL be down South - and there's too many here already !


In Ohio, we all just suffer from depression from November to March (sometimes April).... it is our way....

I hate it!

Our Circadian rhythms are still set for equatorial living. 28 day months, 25 hour days of about 10 hours dark, light and four of twilight.

I think that's a year round condition in Ohio.

@Morganfreeman I was kidding (mostly).... I do like the change of seasons in my state.... my least favorite part is getting out of work at 5:00 and it is already getting dark....that is the depressing part

@LizBeth That's what great pubs are for!

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