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Happy Birthday to my old friend Dan Seals. This is one of his songs I did in memory of him. He was a dear friend. An extreme;y good man with a huge heart.

Duke 8 Feb 8

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Thx Duke....great job

twill Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

That was beautiful @Duke.. Did he write his own songs? Your song had the feeling of what kind of person I thought he might be. My friend Zach's father was quite the songwriter, Harry Nillson. His songs just don't picture him as he was. Curious about your friend Dan.

@sassygirl3869 Thanks! And yes, Dan sometimes wrote his own material. Sometimes he recorded songs written by others. This was one of his own songs. Dan was one half of the "England Dan and John Ford Coley" duo that had a bunch of hits in the 70's. I knew Dan through my cousin, Steve. Steve was Dan's bass player.

And, what a small world it is. I know who your friend Zach is! Athough, I've never met him in person. Zach's father was one of the most amazing songwriters ever. I have a friend in Chicago that I'm working on a song with and Zach is actually doing the drum part for it. I need to get busy on it soon too. I've had it sitting on a shelf for far too long!

That is so outrageous Duke. Small world. Zach went to a private school in Wilton with the other Zach who I didn't know-Ringo's son. Ringo is Zach's godfather., NH. He lived in Milford, NH where I met my 2nd husband Tim who was the drummer for Mantis and Zach did keyboards. Last time I saw Zach was at our wedding-heard he was working on music trailers for movies. By the way the picture of Zach and Harry was taken at Ringo's house when they went to CA to do their album "Droom" which Ringo named.- never got released.


Very good job, you're a talented guy.



Is that "England Dan" you're talking about (w/ John Ford Coley?)?

@phxbillcee That is correct.

I haven't totally succumbed to "senior moments"!

Tho that is a senior moment in a way (been awhile!).


Duke... your so cool brother... wish i could play as good as that. My fingers are to big. I need a wide neck guitar. I had one with nylon strings but it got knocked over and the tuning knob broke. I give my other to my oldest daughter. She practices when her hubby is working nights.

Thank you sir! You know, I've got 33 guitars here and I STILL need to get a nylon string classical. There are so many times when I'm recording that I wish I had that sound. That will have to be a purchase at some point in the not too distant future.

@Duke. When you get one... find a room with an echo effect...awesome sound


Lovely. Thank you.

Thank you!


Love that song! Thank you!


@Duke, did you write it?

@BeeHappy No! This was written by Dan Seals. He passed away about ten years ago and since it was his birthday, I wanted to post a recording I did of one of his tunes.

From England Dan & John Ford Coley?? I don't ever remember hearing it. Anyway, I love that song, and you sing it beautifully.

@BeeHappy When they split, he went on to have a big solo country career. This was from his solo work.


Lovely song, dude!

Thank you!

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