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I am new here, and having a look around. So thankful that a forum like this exists. A place to to talk, vent, ask for advice etc. from others in similar predicaments. I often wonder about those that have had to endure this hellish experience all alone without even an outlet such as this. I have found 'talking' to be one of my best therapies. But it is hard to find someone who will listen. I have always preferred REAL talk..about things that matter, rather than frivolous nonsense...which is so common in religious circles. Even when I was one of them, I often thought 'and why aren't we talking about the lord, the bible etc...".. I was very religious. I trusted it with ALL my heart, soul, mind, and strength...for 43 years. I am convinced that those who trust the most...are hurt the most. I indoctrinated my 6 children VERY well. My youngest was 10 when I stopped going to church last December...after ceasing to believe the bible in Feb 2017, and realizing my religion was fake in April of the same year. My oldest would have been 33 last month. He died at the too young age of 25. I blame my religion. Very long, sad story for another day. I am looking forward to many conversations here. I am a busy mom so I will be hit or miss,.but will try to check in most days. Thanks for listening.

By Realist95
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I actually often refer to my beliefs as realism rather than Atheist, based on the idea that what you see is what you get. We are born, we live our lives as best we can given the opportunities we encounter, and then we die. End of story, no magical, mystical overlord puppeteers directing things. If you are in the path of the tornado, your house disappears, if outside the path, it doesn’t. God didn’t have anything to do with it.


Welcome to the group. You will hear many stories, some like your own. You will also learn about fabulous organizations like Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Humanist that do a lot to preserve freedom of (and from) religion and provide support. Sorry to hear about your loss. Many of us have experienced the loss of a valued member of our lives so we can emphasize with our pain. You will find this is a very open group and we share a lot of personal stories.


Hi Realist, welcome to the community. You wrote:

"I am convinced that those who trust the most...are hurt the most."

I agree. It seems we've walked similar paths. At the time I deconverted, there weren't any sites like this or other online support groups, and certainly no support groups in real life. I currently live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but I also lived in Alabama for 7 years. My late husband was from Alabama, and I, too, blame religion (conservative Christianity) for his death. I'm so sorry about your loss. smile003.gif

I deconverted from Christianity in 2000, and from god belief in late 2005. My deconversion process came in stages --- Christian, diest, agnostic and agnostic-atheist. I think my process would have been a lot shorter, and perhaps less painful and lonely had I been exposed to support sites early on. I started blogging in 2010 and found it cathartic.

Feel free to PM me anytime. It's nice to meet you and thanks for joining Bible Belt Survivors.



Welcome to the community. I'm glad you found the courage leave the religious bs/god and start your journey of enlightenment. Like you I stopped going to church last December and stopped believing in the bible/god last February. I feel more accepted by this community than I ever did as a believer. Religion can be very hurtful, I'm sorry for your lose and how religion hurt you. Where you an catholic before you left the dark side? I'm glad I found this web site and I'm sure you are as well. I might have commited suicide if I didn't find this community of helpful people.

freedom41 Level 8 Nov 21, 2018

The religion is called free holiness. It would remind you of Pentecostal. But our sect was the only one going to heaven, lol. I became a member at the gullible age of 19 after knowing nothing but Baptist. My perfectionism caused me to fall in love with the more religious lifestyle. I would have lived like the Amish if I could have figured out how to combine the 2, thinking I would have been living closer and more pleasing to the almightyGod...Yes, suicidal thoughts have been a frequent visitor. I have pretty much decided, most of the time anyway, that there may be a chapter yet that I won't want to miss.

@Realist9 Thank you for your response. Since, you have 6 children, I thought you might be catholic. I grew baptist as well. In recent years I have tried different sects to find happiness, peace, and potential partner/wife. Which was a futile search using religious bs as a guide. I'm lucky I found this community.


Howdy and welcome here. I got my first college degree at a Lutheran college. Yet, it took my third time of reading that book from beginning to end to finally be done with it.

gsiamne Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

I still haven't read the whole thing..I always felt guilty that I didn't really enjoy it as much as I should, lol. But I am still reading it..intrigued, for lack of a better word, with how much I can find wrong with it.


Welcome & enjoy your stay.
You are not Alone.

WeaZ Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

Welcome to the community. Browse engage enjoy.

kltuckmn Level 7 Nov 17, 2018


Doraz Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

Welcome to the site and we will help if we can. You take care.

Jolanta Level 8 Nov 17, 2018

Welcome smile001.gif


Yes, I think the previously most religious fall the hardest. So thankful for sites like this which offer companionship through your transition from belief to reason. My transition happened decades ago, but I still appreciate the support of conversation with like-minded folks. Welcome!

Julie808 Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

We are a diverse community, with our share of frivolous nonsense, to be sure, but more than the average share of interesting people and independent thinkers. Welcome!

The-Krzyz Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

Bible Belt Survivors may be of interest to you. Welcome to the community.

@sassygirl3869, can you explain more about bible belt survivors? Is it a subgroup here?

@Freethinkingxx yes it is run by a dear friend VictoriaNotes.


Welcome. I also was very religious and indoctrinated my kids. We have that in common. smile009.gif


Hi Welcome. Since you are new to the whole concept, may I suggest that you join this group: []

I know I am talking about this person before asking her but I suggest you meet my friend here @VictoriaNotes who can probably relate to your situation and guide you as well. (hope you don't mind @VictoriaNotes ?)

Lukian Level 8 Nov 17, 2018

Larkin, thank you for bringing this post to my attention. I haven't been on AG for 2 weeks or so.



Seeker3CO Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

Im glad you could join us. Im sorry for your loss, I know it too.

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