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So, computer issue. I don't know what this means, but it looks like I can have only one window open at a time. Like my wings have been clipped!

HippieChick58 9 Nov 17

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I may have solved it, but I've said that before. This time I have restored Chrome to original. OK there are other issues now, like notifications keep popping up, but I have four tabs open right now.


Sounds like a virus. Microsoft has a malicious software tool download it from and run it.


This may sound stupid but update and re-install Google Chrome. Notice that I did not say to erase Chrome, just install it again right over the top of the old install. Once that is done restart the computer and see what you have then. This has worked for me with several programs that somehow get "messed up."

That sounds interesting. I may try that.

@HippieChick58 When you reinstall Chrome it will chose the default path. If that was the path you had before and you did not chose a custom install it will then install right over the previous installation and it does sometimes fix things. I'm a self taught IT type but I've noticed as I get older I get "fat fingers" that hit wrong keys. This method will tend to work if that was what happened to you because there is no way to know what keys you accidentally hit.

@DenoPenno I have lots of the phat phingers issues. Thanks!


Not sure if you're referring to "windows" or "tabs," it can be confusing I know.

Maybe your Chrome window is "maximized" and you want to get out? If you are not aware, in the upper-right there should be three "buttons." Try clicking the middle button and see if that helps.

Or maybe Chrome is in full-screen mode... Try hitting F11.

Let us know. 🙂

Yeah, I don't speak good computer. I had multiple tabs open and then they would stop responding. Nothing loaded. Tonight with just one tab open I've been able to be reasonably productive. Or the reboot of the router/modem worked, or the gremlins went away.

@HippieChick58 Its possible that one "tab" could be a problem for Chrome... Chrome tries to load that website but get's confused and locks up. Maybe try adding one tab at a time and see if any particular tabs or websites gives you a problem?


Maybe a problem with RAM. Perhaps one of your memory chips is loose.

Why not, my own memory isn't so stable anymore 🙂

Are there any diagnostics on your computer? When you boot up does it prompt you concerning a memory diagnostic? @HippieChick58

@nicknotes No, I have never noticed a memory diagnostic.

Click on your control panel......look for any maintenance tab......look for diagnostic help.@HippieChick58

@nicknotes Thank you so much!!!

I hope you find the can be tricky to fix even if you know what's wrong. @HippieChick58

@nicknotes Thank you!! Hopefully my kids will be able to get the issues straightened out tomorrow. I will look for the diagnostics later this evening.


Dreadful !!!

Xena Level 6 Nov 17, 2018

Only one web browser window open at a time, or only one program window open at a time? What web browser do you use?

I am using Google Chrome.

@HippieChick58 A few suggestions I can think of:
Check to see if Chrome is up to date.
Make another user account for Chrome, and see if the problem is present in the new account.
( Settings > People > Manage other people )

@bingst Thank you, I will check that out.


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Make sure you're not in tablet mode

Wow! I am learning or relearning so much with this computer issue. I am vaguely aware I have a tablet mode, but I've never used it. I'm such a dinosaur!

@HippieChick58 that's ok. I'm sure there are many things that you are an expert in 🙂

@celticagent LOL, true that. I can make lip balms and soap, and stitch up a quilt. I'm a dang good mom and grammie. I'm a good computer user, but not so much figuring out what is not working right with the computer.

@Gurahl I haven't made soap in a year or thereabouts, because I ended up with a glut. I was hoping to sell on Etsy, well so is everyone else. I don't think I have any pictures anymore. I made an oatmeal honey facial bar, I have a shampoo bar, I made bacon soap, and several others. Last soap I made was the shampoo bar because I use that up faster than the others. Lip balm I make more often because two of my girls use it too. I think making soap is amazing, you get to play with Lye! I feel like a wizard when I make it 🙂

@Gurahl Well, there is that too. That curing period is long, but once you have several batches, you will not run out of soap while you're waiting for the new batch to cure. Have you had any occurrences of DOS?

@Gurahl I even distilled my own water once. Now I know I can, I will likely never do it again.


What is your operating system?


@HippieChick58 did you try rebooting it?

@celticagent My ex was an IT guy, that is the first lesson I learned. When all else fails REBOOT. So to answer your question, yes, I have rebooted more than once.

@HippieChick58 it sounds like a bug in your Advanced Display Settings. Did you adjust your display setting recently?

@celticagent Well, not deliberately, sometimes phat phingers do things they shouldn't. I will look at my Advanced Display Settings to see what I can see. One of my Son in Laws is like the computer whisperer, or the guru of Omaha. He is going to check it out tomorrow. Thanks for that suggestion.


Do you read two pages at a time, one with each eye?

I bounce between pages, like I have a short attention span. I multi task. I have some auctions to list, would work on that and then go check to see what is happening on FB or Or cross posting between them, or following links for interesting articles. I'm really not spastic or have a short attention span, but it does sound like that.

@Gurahl I know, I had never had a problem until this week. I always had multiple tabs open. When the situation is resolved I will let everyone know what happened.

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