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Why are we so important?
No I am not talking humans or self aggrandisement. I talking about this site and us the people who contribute to it. Yes all of us from the sjws to the gun toting conservatives.
It is a fact that America has the largest hegemony in the world. It dominates western media, has the biggest armed forces and it is the largest market for goods. Whether you believe that is a good or bad thing? You cannot deny it. Yet 44% of its population believe that the world is less than 6,500 years old and 80% do not own a passport.
Although we disagree on so many things. We do not dismiss ideas simply because it does not sit within our established doctrine. We are a voice of reason in a choir of chanters.
Let us on this day, by thankful for that.
Thank you

By 273kelvin8
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It’s true, there are a lot of people who do not hold well-thought-through positions on these things.

But in a way is an example of a self-reinforcing small spot on the Internet, where there often is not a lot of discussion with dissenting voices. It’s preaching to the choir, to use a religious metaphor.

Denker Level 7 Dec 17, 2018

If religions are a crutch for people;
were they not also a crutch for nations?
I have faith in Humanity-no one
Even tRump can scare the love I have
for Principals out of me.

BBJong Level 7 Nov 23, 2018

What a nice way of saying "we are surrounded by idiots". smile002.gif


...YEAH ,I agree100%
am great full

BBJong Level 7 Nov 23, 2018

The sad thing about ‘America’ is that it consists of the largest collection of nationalities and subcultures in the world. meaning, ‘this’ is how humans behave, given the near free-for-all political system we’ve got.

Regarding the religious aspect, with no State Religion - they’re all free to compete! ...who’s got the tallest spire, the largest lot and most expensive vehicles, the most devoted followers, the most money, the most elaborate windows, the largest flock or the most press time.. It’s like competition alone drives them smile005.gif

As for usMadalyn Murray O’Hair’s words in the American Atheist Magazine came across as arrogant on my first read - wish I could quote them, but she basically ‘welcomed us as America’s intellectual elite.’ Having given her proclamation decades of consideration ... I feel she was right. Here, those from around the world confirm the same on a daily basis, thank you ~

Varn Level 8 Nov 22, 2018

.there was a point in history here where the
BIG world powers used North America
as territories!!!!!-_- established religions&&&
established colonialism!!!!! We needed
the new experiment to succeed;(hence including the glue that held most of Europe together)...
No one would have taken a newly minted America
serious if we were a country of Scientology!!! Refinement
of that process doesn't stop.


Amen brother!


What is "Angontic"?

Point taken, amended and corrected. In mitigation I am dyslexic and the last bit was written in haste but guilty as charged

Its an English agnostic...doh


Kelvin, aren't you a Brit?

Amisja Level 8 Nov 22, 2018

Kelvin is a citizen of the world where borders are no more than lines in the sand drawn by the weak and fretful. Ain’t that right, Kelvin!

Yes I am but as most of the members here are US, that is the platform we use. This would be a rather dull and sparse site if it were only us europeans. Also quite unnecessary as secularism is almost a done deal here. Whereas as I pointed out the americans need this site as voice of reason in a society where superstition trumps logic.

@Geoffrey51 yeah me too

@Geoffrey51, @273kelvin But you lad are a scouser...

@Amisja Yes and proud of it (although my speaking voice has little or no trace of scouse). We non-americans can think of ourselves as anti-mormons. Doing valued missionary work via the internet

@273kelvin Bless ya...carry on spreading the good news smile009.gif

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