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Has anyone else when quizzed by the classic Christian God Botherers in the street.
"Have you to talked to God recently"?
Responded yes, but SHE hasn't replied yet!

Sofabeast 7 Nov 25

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I tell them flat out god doesn't exist.


I smile and nod and move on.


I usually respond with something like, " What, you want me to be locked up in some Loony Asylum because I get caught talking to nothing and no-one."


response. no. i stopped having invisible friends when i was 8. or the classic, no i will worry as much about your god as you do about vampires and your lack of garlic hung on your door. living here in the buybull belt, i have fun coming up with new ones . there is always another nutter on the corner, at the gas pump. or knocking on my door


I say , yes I have and was told not to talk to you as your crazy as a loon.


i wouldn't do that because i have always jokingly contended (since i've been an atheist for a VERY long time) "if god were a woman, men would menstruate."



Good reply.

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