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How can you express your feeling to a woman you love ?

By godisgood101
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Provide support when she needs it. Action often speaks louder than words.


I usually say to my wife, I love you.


With words.

Paracosm Level 8 Nov 26, 2018



Stop being a fake ass

Amisja Level 8 Nov 26, 2018

@CoastRiderBill He has already been outed as a scammer

@CoastRiderBill Click the profile, he's gone


In words and in deeds.

irascible Level 8 Nov 26, 2018

In a relationship with her? little gifts,her favorite perfumes,cards,flowers,take her out to a movie she's hinted about,go shopping with her,be her support in tough times,many things impress the female mind.

Mike1947 Level 7 Nov 26, 2018

If you have to ask then you don’t love her.

MsHoliday Level 7 Nov 26, 2018

@CoastRiderBill he made it to the trolls and scammers on agnostic.

@CoastRiderBill []


Send her a picture of your penis . She will be thrilled to receive .
I have a question for u too !
Is this your first x in this site ? I ll wait ?

Pralina1 Level 8 Nov 26, 2018

He's gone already it looks like.

@glennlab " god is great ", we ve seen him b4 here , he ain't worth the points he tries to get , but I couldn't resist Mr Glenn ?

Hahahaha I want to frame this!

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