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The thing is, its 13 days UNTIL we get to the shortest day of the year. Dang.

Bigwavedave 8 Nov 28

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My house backs up on a hill and faces the Rockies off in the distance, so this time of year I'm lucky to get 5 hours of sunlight.


Not to worry ... same 24hrs - just less sunlight. We can do this !


the shortest day of the year is 12/21 but the earliest sunset is actually around the first week in December and the the latest sunrise is in January.

Look up the rise/set times for your ZIP code.


Yes, and then the days will start getting longer again.
Hang in there, you can do this.


The shortest day of the year is in March here in Europe.

December has the day with the least daylight.

#pedantmodeoff....... 😉


I wish I was in a pagan group that celebrated the solstice.

Make up a secular group which celebrates the solstice. It is a natural moment in a year for humans to celebrate. It does not have to be religious to be celebrated. If your having fun doing it, others will want to join you.

That's awesome

@creative51 Good idea - solstice Meetups.


I enjoy greatly the day after the shortest day, as I know I am one day closer to the longest day of the year.


Yes, but it's only 24 days before it starts getting brighter.


Ya know... you just made my day! That's magnificent news!! Thank you for the reminder. Edit: even if your count was off a little, it's still coning soon!

Lol thanks


The shortest day (N hemisphere) is December 21st this year. That's not 13 days.

Yes . I actually counted correctly but apparantly my phone disagreed with me.


Time flies! ?✈??


Yes but then they start getting longer.

Unfortunately the weather lags about 3 months behind that influence.

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