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Where is your favorite place to vacation?

UrsiMajor 8 Feb 12

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The question implies a place you'd keep going back to. We're inclined to go to new places all the time.

Apart from that, it's a tough question. My wife would say Venice. I have a soft spot for the island of Rhodes. As far as overall cultural experience it'd have to be North Vietnam.


As a USA person I will say being at a state or national park.


In movie theaters or in books.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

Cape Cod.... Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Profoundly different with every season.. I lived there for a few years so that effects my choice but a magnificent place none the less.


To me is the company rather than the destination.... The company.


Retirement is a continuous vacation unless I take part time Jobs or run a race for office again


A vacation to me is going to conferences so where ever they are, that's my favorite place to vacation!

Last vacation was to Chicago for the 50th Nebula awards (not strictly a conference but had the same feel)


Santa Fe, NM or any place in NM.


I like Hatteras a lot. Especially the beaches with nobody else on them.


In my RV with 2 little dogs, lost due to (priceless!) crazy GPS! Adventure!

That sounds great to me!


On vacation going on 3 wks. Destination private.

I know where you are but I am not telling anyone... your secret is Safe.. and then again you may had already skipped town. Nothing like freedom. Enjoy and party hardy.

Thanks @GipsyofNewSpsin appreciate it-here one more week.


Like I keep saying, I'm in my favorite place already..southern Thailand. But if money were no object, I'd go camel trekking again in the Australian Outback each year. And go camping in Tasmania again as well.

Photo is of me kissing "Sir Wobbles" - largest camel in the train, on the nose, from the back of my own, smallest camel, Alokah. She was captured by from a wild camel herd and afraid of men, so I was assigned her as my camel for the trip. I brushed her, tethered her out to eat, saddled her in the morning, and told her to kneel (Kush!) and/or stand up as needed.


Traverse City Michigan.

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