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I'm going to be out tonight waiting in my car while my daughter is watching a movie. I'm expecting you agnostics to keep me occupied with some good stuff while I'm waiting.

Dragonfly1965 6 Dec 8

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Go fast, turn left.

@Dragonfly1965 Nascar

@Dragonfly1965 I'm not either, but saw your comments about the Jag, and thought you might be doing some laps around the parking lot. Go fast, turn left.


Does the theater broadcast in AM? I've seen some that do. I remember when I went to pick up my son I could know when the film finished. Too bad I didn't understand French.


Flash back.....

How is your standoff coming along anyway?


Why don't you watch another movie instead of sitting in the car.


I had to look at your profile before telling you to stay warm while waiting in the car , I now think that staying warm won't be a problem .

@Dragonfly1965 I've never driven a Jag. Years ago, I rebuilt a 79 Corvette. Road trips with the T-tops off were heaven indeed.


Come to join the singles group we have so good topics. If you can't find the group look on my profile there is a link to it there.


I'm willing to try....what are your favorite topics. What movie BTW?

Is that one of those scary movies? I like murder mysteries...but without any supernatural crap...just good detective work and the bad guy gets caught @Dragonfly1965

I got sidetracked and had to go now your daughter is back home. @Dragonfly1965


What did the snail riding on a turtle say ?

Ha, but the answer is. "WHEEEEEEE" !

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