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It was 38 years ago tonight.

BufftonBeotch 8 Dec 8

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I was a college undergrad doing laundry in my apartment building when my brother called me with the news. I wasn't listening to the radio, but I heard many years later that a public radio DJ here in Iowa actually cried on the air (for the only time in his life) when he broke the news on his evening music show that night.

So, every year around the time of this event, I sing Empty Garden as well as one Lennon song at karaoke. "What happened here, as the New York sunset disappeared....".


I remember that night well. Tragic. Killed by a religious fanatic.


Another example of...’only the good die young!’


Reagan had been elected, then this ...I cried ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 8, 2018

Were we really this innocent?

My heart breaks by this senseless loss maybe more than nearly other.

A peaceful man to die so painfully and violently.


I was on a ship, in the Indian Ocean. I was in the coffee mess making tea, and my friend, because he just couldn't speak, handed me a written note telling me what happened.

I learned from Howard Cosell. There wasn't News 24 hours in those days. But for a big story like that most broadcast TV went to news all the time.


"Imagine" all the music we missed with Lennon dying so young.

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