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I am afraid of ghosts, though I don't believe in them

saketagrawal 5 Feb 13

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Id be much more worried about the living mate

I second that or is it third



Lots of fears and phobias aren't rational. Our responses to them are rarely rational. As @EmeraldJewel said they can be left over from a childhood trauma we can't even remember, we just remember to be afraid.
When I was young one of my parents friends was afraid of the moon, she knew it was ridiculous, she even knew when and where the fear came from (older kids dressing up and terrorizing her when she was about 4) but she still couldn't go out at night if the moon was going to be up.

Kimba Level 7 Feb 14, 2018

I wonder if there is something instinctual about that kind of apprehension. Fear of ghosts seems to me like some more general fear of the unknown---what might be lurking around the next corner, hiding in shadows, etc. IT could be a visceral, skin-crawling reflexive reaction that the brain then gets carried away with extrapolating fantastical explanations for those feelings.

Fear of the dark goes back to primitive times. Maybe not knowing what will appear??


How can you be afraid of something you don't believe in?

Perhaps it's indicative of a quality imagination. I take pleasure in all manner of fiction and if it's well done I can ride along with the emotions of the characters. Where's the fun in being literal minded all the time?

Maybe it is both?


They don't believe in you you're good to go..


Everyone knows that ghosts are extra dimensional beings that are just being creepy because they cannot truly interact with matter in our physical universe


I am afraid of people that are afraid of things that they do not believe exist! me crazy!


i would say you are head f***ing yourself!

Sacha Level 7 Feb 14, 2018

And a good time was has by all.


Hmmm maybe you’re traumatized by something in your early childhood that you don’t quite remember that’s turned into a phobia over the years? Just a thought.


Why not?
Unexplained things that go "bump" in the night would make most people nervous, even if they don't know what they are.

I doubt dead people bother living people that much, although I've read researched/authenticated accounts of people who remembered times inbetween reincarnations where they were ghosts and did things to people.

Later, the researchers looked up people in their past to whom they'd done those things as ghosts and those people not only remembered, but often had proof. In this research, they only recorded the accounts of young children, between the ages of two to six, who still remembered their past lives, and had no previous contact or knowledge of the people in those past lives.


If you don't believe in them, what's to be afraid of?

AmyLF Level 7 Feb 14, 2018

Even though I agree with everyone who has said this is irrational and ridiculous, I can relate. It really has more to do with having an over-active imagination that chooses to run wild when I am alone in the dark. It doesn't help that I have an affinity for creepy stories. And it's certainly no coincidence that my "fear of ghosts" rises right after I have seen or read something scary.

I recently read a story in which the narrator was being followed by what appeared to be an elderly woman, based on her stance and attire (her face was veiled, so he didn't get a clear look at it). When he arrived at his gate, he saw that her feet were pointed backwards. He ran inside his house and didn't see the lady again. Years later, his daughter was doing a report on urban legends. She described this lady exactly as he had seen her, backwards feet and all. If I remember correctly, she appeared for the sole purpose of scaring people.

Now, I know damn well I'm not going to see a veiled old lady ghost with feet turned backwards. But did that stop me from picturing that exact image as I was walking to my car the other night? No. Is the backwards feet lady real? No. Are ghosts real? No. Is my irrational fear real? You bet your ass it is.

Lol Thanks so much for the image I’ll see when I go to bed at night.

@DelilahJones33 Lol sorry!

Score settled 😉@hammerhead



lol cmon! if you're afraid of them perhaps some small part of you still believes in them or won't quite dismiss them entirely. I wish that ghosts existed, what an interesting world we would have and that paranormal science would truly flourish. But no real evidence ever emerges because it ain't real.

This above ^ ^ is my thought. If you are afraid of something you generally have to believe they exist and can hurt you somehow. Otherwise why fear it?


I love it when my cat sits on my lap and stares fixedly at something not there just above my shoulder?
I usually say "Heath! Knock it off!".
Now when that doesn't do it I get up and grab my walking stick and peer down the stairwell. Frankly I usually feel he's pulling my leg.

IKR! My cat will stare like he's seeing a wavelength of light that I can't. Sometimes he'll stalk whatever the fuck he's seeing. Trippy.

@AMGT Dang maybe he knows who I named the cat for? lol


I believe in them, but on the whole they don't scare me ... too much. I had a very definite experience of one, that of course all the super sceptics will say was a cat, possum, cracking wood, whatever ... but it wasn't any of these. It was someone walking back and forth in the room upstairs in a house where I was certain no one but me was. It was creepy but not ... totally terrifying. I just certainly did not want to go upstairs and check. I later told the owner of the house and she said, "Ah, so you heard it, too. I never heard it myself, but my friend did. I didn't tell you as I didn't want to scare you, ..." So, two people independent of one another had the same experience, which makes a spontaneous hallucination on my part (as explanation) much less likely. And cats don't walk like humans. or ghosts.

@Fanburger and dontbelieve and everyone else whos is a sceptic: of course you would say that. I've heard it before. I have no concerns. If in doubt, I assume the more normal explanation, (possum, cat, earthquake, ... hallucination) if all those were eliminated....well. And I'm not the only one who ever had such experiences, of course, that will not change your mind; your argument will most certainly not change my mind, so let's agree to disagree and leave it at that.

@Fanburger So I can only conclude if you ever did encounter anything paranormal you'd be freaking the hell out. I just think it is part of what is real. And I don't understand how this Universe works in all details. Heck, I hardly understand it at all. But notice how you are rude to me, while I just asked us to agree to disagree? I'm not trying to convert you or anyone... so just leave me be. I can assure you, I am neither stupid nor ... insane. But someone on top here did start talking about ghosts ... so I added my two cents.

@Fanburger I agree. 🙂 See, we DO agree!


How can u fear something that don't exist


So... a tryst at the cemetery after dark would leave you limp and in a sweat?


They say the more you believe in ghosts the more power they have to interact with the physical world around you.
(I do not believe or disbelieve in ghosts, rather I believe in the possibility of anything.)

I would call that being open minded 🙂


I don't believe in spontaneous human combustion, but that shit is scary.

JimG Level 8 Feb 14, 2018

I have lived on Indian Reservations, which has nothing to do with this topic other that it is where the experience happened. I have seen ghosts. Experiencing them is something that can change the way you see the world. I am not afraid of them. Used to be, but things have changed.
As for your fear, as I used to also be afraid of dark places, even if I have a thorough knowledge of the space. This changed when I saw the Movie "Alien" which I do not recommend if you have not already seen it. I realized that if there was something dangerous in the area it would have probably already attacked me. This does not apply to areas outside where you do ot have control. Alleys and parking lots can be dangerous places. Under your bed or in the closet are what I am talking about. Maurice Sendak I think wrote something like "Monsters in the night closet" for children, read it to mind and they enjoyed the story. Do remember that fear can have its good side.


I was a skeptic myself....til I saw a woman in a bright red dress float through the wall at my friends wife saw it too


Darren Brown did an episode showing how he can scare atheist with make believe ghost.


so you do not believe what you believe to be true. You may be afraid of yourself allowing some stuff preventing you from ACTUALLY believing in what you know to be true.

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 14, 2018

You have an imagination, try writing.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 14, 2018
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