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Most Despicable to Cancer Survivors-Donald Trump Shifted His Kids Cancer Charity Money Into His Business - I Hope They All Do Time

By sassygirl38699
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He likes to get even and does not care who pays.


That money paid for the portraits of him that now hang in two of his golf course clubhouses.

Anonbene Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

This story is a year and a half old...

He and his children will hopefully be prosecuted for their sleazy cheating con games -new NY Attorney General will bring them down and they will do time.


It will not happen, have you ever know any US president and his family put into jail?

Jolanta Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

Of course they do. Trump's business empire is a totally corrupt enterprise.

wordywalt Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

He is the worse human I have ever known!!!!

Marine Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

Nothing surprises me anymore with the trump crime family.


How low can they go. I have to stop asking that, cuz every time I do they go lower. SMH.

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