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BREAKING NEWS MSNBC 6:40 PM: Trump has picked Jarred Kuschner as his new Chief of Staff. Nepotism you think? Is it even legal?

sassygirl3869 9 Dec 13

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Color me entirely unsurprised.


Nepotism. check.

Unqualified. check.

Silent. check.

Does dirty deeds for daddy Trump. check.

Obsequious. check.

"You're hired."


Who else would take it ?


He should pick Stormy as his chief of "staff".

godef Level 7 Dec 13, 2018

Not a done deal. It is "in the air" so to speak. Chief of Staff could be held by a family member, it would be legal. Every other President would have thought doing such an appointment would be bad judgment. Illegal nepostism only comes in to play for civil service jobs and presidential staff is not civil service.


From a quick Google search, it has been suggested, and also suggested by others that it would be egregious. I have not found anything that says it is cast in concrete.


Do you have a link? He's been considering it, but I can't find an annoucement.


Let's see how it takes before the father fires his son-in-law and what excuse he gives for doing so.


Calling Bullshit on this one


They deserve each other.


I couldn’t find anything to confirm that. Looks like wild and probably erroneous speculation.

After I saw it they changed wording to "considering". He's probably the only person he can get to take the job.

To bad I am having fun thinking about it.


Well like I said rat in a corner congratulations you get out what you put in. ??


I hope it's illegal.


HFS!! There is no one fucking competent running our government!!


Keeping it in the leaks there.

Could it be that Jared would be unable to testify against Trump if he were chief of staff?

@Haemish1 highly doubtful

True - but in Trump’s mind...?

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