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Where's your god now?

I'm furious that with tragedies like mass school shootings all politicians can muster up is "thoughts and prayers" and other rhetoric bullshit. Sickening. Everyone that is beholden to the NRA needs to be voted out and AR-15's need to be banned from society. Common sense.

Redcupcoffee 7 Feb 15

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Well you know the rubbish they have fed us over the years. The sadness of the tragic Happenings allow us to show our love for these poor kids and their families. As for the sick bastard that carried out these shootings, this proves that God has given us “free will” as it said the the bible. ie., It’s not Gods fault. What a load of shit. James

Leon Level 5 Feb 16, 2018

The trouble with common sense is that it is sadly very uncommon.


Sadly common sense doesn't apply where big corporations and organizations like NRA have the politicians in their pockets. They even opposed to back checking to gun owners. Guns are a huge responsibly. How can an 18 year old young guy that according to his Facebook page was totally twisted, could easily get an AR15?? But they just rather pray than do something real...


It's events like these that reminds me that according to the religious God believes in Free Will, and that's why we should pray for his guidance ... (What?)


yep when the sheriff who had to deal with the whole mess mentioned the word prayer I almost spat at the tv


Here are few of the beholden.



"Thoughts and prayers" comments are a way for congresspeople to appear like they're concerned and doing something when they don't give a shit and are doing nothing because they're bought and paid for.


insane people will just use a another kind of weapon like automobiles or trucks or bombs the problem is we need to catch these sick people before they do the insane act of killing people for no reason. How do you suggest we can get help for these sick people before they harm anybody? I have no idea.

dc65 Level 7 Feb 15, 2018

I whole heartedly agree with you. These phony law makers that take money from the NRA to help them get re-elected me sick. They have loosened the gun laws to allow wife beaters and people released from mental institutions to have guns.
Their thoughts and prayers crap isn’t going to a damn thing.


It is sad.

twill Level 7 Feb 15, 2018

The guns are not the problem. We just think life is expendable.

@redcupcoffee You are wrong. A circle jerk argument will accomplish nothing. This isn't kindergarten.

@Jack-of-scythes GUNS are the problem. They are too easy to get and mostly unregulated. Look at Australia and Japan. Guns are highly regulated. Life is expendable when the population is heavily armed. The other part of the problem is that the NRA owns the government.

@hippiechick58 I'm sorry. I sort of feel that this is getting nowhere.


Republicans won't do a thing. They are bought and paid for by the NRA

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