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Mars Probe...

BeeHappy 9 Dec 21

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What is Nougat exactly?
Is there an interaction between it and regret?

Interesting, I think that the joke may refer to the chocolate bar we have here in the UK called a Mars Bar,. It is very popular here but I do not know if you have it in the US, the photo certainly looks like it but the list is probably quite wrong since I do not think it contains any Nougat, which is ground nuts boiled to a paste with honey or sugar.

@Fernapple Found this on Google - Chocolate-malt nougat topped with a layer of caramel and covered with milk chocolate. In the United States, it is known as the Milky Way bar. (There was a Mars bar in the United States, but it was discontinued in 2000. It was then relaunched under the new name the Snickers Almond bar.)

@BeeHappy Wow! This is really confusing. Since we have Snickers in the UK but it is nothing like a Mars, and a Milky Way is a sort of soft Mouse covered in chocolate. But I guess that the first bit cholate malt nougat could be what lies at the bottom of a Mars, so I am now completely mixed up. But just to add something more to the fun, it is said that some fast food sellers in the UK a few years ago, took to dipping a Mars bar, (very soft to start with) in batter and then deep frying it. It became a running joke for people to mention this, when they were talking about how low fast food could sink.

If you look at the photo however this is certainly what we call a Mars in the UK.

Who knew there’d be such an international, Astro- physical, interplanetary confectionary consortium?
Deep fried anything is actually pretty good.
Peanutbutter cups are my favorite, and while there’s no nougat, regret seems to be a universal ingredient ?

@Fernapple At the Texas State Fair every year it gets crazier and crazier with the food vendors trying to top the previous years deep fried 'whatever' winner. i.e. deep fried butter (gross!), deep fried beer, deep fried cotton candy taco, etc. It gets pretty elaborate. Lol

What !!!!
Deep fried beer was my idea!!!

@Haemish1 Guess it was stolen! ?

I’ll know better than to share my evil plans to dominate the world from now on!

@Haemish1 Oh, I think you'll be safe here sharing it with your 50k closest friends.


Musk's colony will have food. Just need to find water, heat, etc. And take care of that pesky radiation thingy.

Oxygen would also be nice.

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