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Racism Explained for Dummies.

GipsyOfNewSpain 9 Dec 22

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 My parents were both racists ... not obvious ones (They didn't yell or picket or anything) but where and how they were raised (New Jersey) skin color defined their outlook on life. They were Irish and Roman Catholics. All of their friends and family members were the same. I'm one of seven children they had (Vatican Roulette you know) and if any of my siblings or their spouses are racist, it is in secret. I can only verify my, my wife's, and our children's definite lack of racism. Of those I'm certain ... we have all discussed it frequently. 
 I am not sure why this is but, at least in part, my outlook in every aspect of my life has been determined by having served a career in the Navy with people of ALL races.
      I think the scientific definition of humans might be compared to other species.  For example there are many breeds of dogs or of horses but in each case just  one species with various breeds. There are zero different species, only one.     

So this is how you learned? How’s that working out for ya?


And when you scramble them, would you have a clue what was what.

You know How they Feel about Mixed Race...

@GipsyOfNewSpain only some

@Jolanta Only Some Indeed.


Real yard bird yolks are almost orange.

And the eggs taste like eggs.

But I understand the point.


Actually brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh.

Do Not Add the Local Factor... It will Confuse the Dummy... wink, wink

See you can even be racist regarding eggs.

I guess brown eggs are local in your area, but that means they're imported in my area. I'm still trying to figure out what this has to with racism.

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