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It appears that to thrive on this site one must hate our President....

IamVic 3 Dec 28

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Since you merely made an observation, and didn't declare yourself a trumper, .....and since "hate" is such an insecure label.....until futher evidence is in....welcome.


When I observe a majority of smart people with an opinion I don't agree with, I know it's time to review my own opinion and the thought process that supports it...


Which does not by intent mean comply.


You fail to recognise that this site is not only for Americans. I am British and there are a number of us, in addition to Canadians or Australians. Saying that...Trump is a plonker

Amisja Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

'Plonker' - now there is a delightful example of British slang... ?

@ToakReon It is delightfully British 🙂 But it sounds too polite.

I love your British restraint and propriety. Here in California one of the nicest things we call him is an asshole.

@mcgeo52 Oh he's an Asshole too 😉

@mcgeo52 Personally I live in Wyoming (so I am hiding in the only Liberal County in a sea of Red) and like the term "Douche-Nickle" but Asshole works too!

@carlyhorton Plonker. "One who gets drunk on cheap wine, and/or sanctions sexual relationships between his girlfriend/wife and his male friends." Could be.

@ToakReon yes! I love to hear someone say bugger off too. So much nicer than fuck off....LOL


setting aside the fact that this is an international site and that for most of the world trump is not "our" president, and setting aside the fact that due to his being ignorant, stupid, totally owned by putin and totally motivated by fear and greed (not necessarily in that order), and as evidenced by the fact that his opponent in the presidential race received almost three million more votes than he did DESPITE russian/republican propaganda and outright voter suppression, he is also not "our" president to a whole LOT of americans either -- setting those things aside, i will point out that there are groups here for so-called conservative atheists, as well as for republicans, libertarians and other persons with whom i personally disagree. so you can look for them.

between your incorrect remark about the politics of this site (it is for atheists, agnostics, etc., not for one political persuasion) and the fact that you think trump is our president (and worthy of anything but contempt) i can conclude with confidence that you're not the most observant person around. i do not say this to insult you, or to hurt your feelings. i just thought it was important to point this out in case you wanted to correct it.




There is no such requirement to thrive here. A good number of the people here have rationally come to the belief that there is no God. Similarly a President who lies daily, is incompetent, racist, self-serving and potentially a felon, should not rationally be the president of the United States. Turning our allies against us, ruining the economy and being the laughingstock of the world tends to breed hate

lerlo Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

There's a safe room for you folks when you get to level 4. In the meantime, thanks for pointing out who I need to block. 😉


It does help! Agnostics eschew falsehood and persue truth. So that, by definition, makes one a Trump hater.


I don't hate the President, that would require that I acquire some sort of feeling for him. I have no respect for him, he doesn't lead, he's a coward, and he has an unusual relationship with the truth. Other than that he is who he is, we all knew that going in, he won't change and it's up to the People to decide who we are and how we would like to be represented to the world. As for his supporters, I understand it something new and anti-establishment, because both parties are b.ought and paid for by the same few lobbies,
Yet this guy has not one ounce of decorum befitting the office, he has no public integrity and he is dragging us down a road that I thought we had abandoned.

He is certainly no statesman. He could benefit from Toastmasers, and manners.


If this is what you relate to you might have a problem meeting friends, not just here, anywhere.


Most religious skeptics are critical thinkers. They look beyond the facade to the evidence. Also I would say many atheists are humanists. I wouldn't think conservatism and humanists are compatible. Feel free to contradict that if you think differently.

Free thinking is individuality. Thinking for ones self. Both Dems and Rep discourage this. The media definately discourages this.


If you cannot thrive in the presence of truth, that is on you.


Trying to defend this is inconceivable to me.

Gawd! Even scarier than I thought ?


Presidents come and go, good websites last a lifetime.


What’s baffled me are the handful of Republican/ trump backers. I’ve fought for Atheists Rights all my adult life, if not sooner. It’s ‘thee reason’ I’ve involved myself in politics, and the greatest motivator for learning how our US court system works..

To have stomached 8 ugly years of a president best described as an ‘amiable dupe,’ then his lapdog.. Eventually 8 longer years with the son of a lapdog - by then having crowd surfed to office on the religious vote his party had so deviously cultivated ... everyone of these asshole presidents having upped the religious ante the point perhaps the best president of my lifetime felt it necessary to constantly ‘ask god for our blessing’ … now ‘This’’s near impossible for me to understand how any participant on this board would support ‘him’ 😕

Varn Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

yeah because most here are into facts not fiction, most don't watch fox news here. most here know how to do proper research. to be a trump supporter you have to have a religious mind, where emotional wants outweigh facts.

@IamVic l was right. You do have a tiny little head, which logic dictates, holds a tiny little brain.

@IamVic thanks for making my point.on the level one has to go to support trump no longer wonder how someone with ethics and morals and who is not a bigot or racist can support trump. its exactly because his supporters are as vile as he is. if you were attempting to target me as a person on the dole, you have failed.people who are not self absorbed and have ethics, don't need o be on any type of government support to see the value. fyi. i own a construction company. and two houses. and am in the house flipping business as well. .now that you are done with your fox news mentality talking points, look up democratic socialist. which supports capitalism and social programs all at the same time. its called multitasking.

@IamVic, no you are right wing nutz, i understand how words can confuse you, after all you are a trumptard.

@MichaelSpinler What the fuck are you talking about? I have been a liberal from my childhood.

. it should not have tagged you. it was the vic guy i was responding too.i took the tag off you. it did that on auto. sorry

@MichaelSpinler I didn't say anything of the sort. You need to check this thread. 🙂

@MichaelSpinler That is okay, l have done that. 🙂


Well he IS detestable after all.


It’s ridiculously easy to hate him. Everything he does is stupid at best and vile at worst. What puzzles me are people who don’t hate Trump.


If you like this President it shows you are lacking in both intelligence and morals. Lacking both of those will probably get you blocked by quite a few folks here, by me for sure.Thanks for rearing your tiny little head.

@IamVic ?


Not true, but it helps.

Are you just stumbling into the reality that non-believers trend towards liberal?


Trump has a terminal case of dumbcunt


Define "thrive"? Because if you want people fawning all over you, not happening, no matter your views.


Nah, most of us non Americans don’t care one way or the other. He’s just a buffoon, a comic circus sideshow to us. I certainly feel sorry for you guys having such a fool in charge. Keep off the subject and engage with the erudite minds here and you’ll be fine!


At his inauguration , Trump outspent all of his predecessors by a factor of 2, yet he had only a quarter of events, activities and facilities. Yet, you say Obama outspent Trump. This was day 1, inauguration day! Cmon man!


Sounds reasonable enough...


It is up to you to thrive on here, just as it is in your life outside of here. By the small sample during my time on here, yes, it seems most members don't like Trump. I don't like him either, even though I'm not on the political left, but it's his ideas, or should I say the lack thereof, that I don't like. But, there hasn't been a president I've liked for many years.


I think that atheists, in general, base their opinions on facts and evidence. Not in every case though.

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