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So there are good people in the world, after all ...

Petter 9 Dec 28

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not enough though by far

How I agree!


There are a lot of unknown benefactors....I know because I worked in the charity sector prior to my retirement. We got left legacies, some quite substantial, all the time. There are a lot of well known people in the entertainment business who donate large amounts of their incomes to charity too. Some do like to publicise it, but others do it anonymously. This guy managed to amass an amazing amount of money, and he must have had another source of income or he won or inherited it, there is no way a Social Worker could have earned that amount otherwise, frugal or not. Anyway he did a great thing by distributing it amongst his chosen charities.


Sad that the world has lost another truly decent and caring human being. May he be praised and remembered always.

Indeed. ?


6, by my last count.

I'd rather think that there are many more than those few, however, they usually do things behind the scenes and anonymously as do so many of us.
After all is said and done," He/she who gives of him/herself and expects no plaudits in return enriches both the recipient and themselves." - William Anthony, 2018

@Triphid yes, I'd like to think that too.

@MarkiusMahamius Then, please, think and do so with my permission and joy.

@Triphid fuckin thanks man, life changing post

@MarkiusMahamius The pleasure is mine my friend. Use it well please.


Wow!! That is awesome! Who'd a thunk a social worker would have that kind of money. I need to check in with some social worker friends.

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