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The obsession with weapons...

Knitfreak 7 Feb 17

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It only exists because of the fear that Americans have embraced against everyone not like them. A great analogy is it's a religion to them that needs to own guns and proclaim their right to own one by the all mighty 2nd amendment. The NRA are the priests that supply the creed that defines the need to own and feeds the fear of the loss of their guns. You might also compare it to the pacifier or blanket that a baby or child won't give up because of the feeling of security it provides.

SamL Level 7 Feb 19, 2018

If taking a gun away (inanimate object) does nothing since the gun cannot kill by itself (gun rights person on this site said this), then why are we concerned with taking away North Korea's nukes? So we are clear I say take both away.

Take away knives from Muslims who want to slit our throats


Weapons hold within them the power of life and death, to wield them gives the possessor power. Power intrudes on the possessor's mind and preoccupies it. Power is like any other mind altering substance, more must be obtained at any cost.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

When I was a kid, I thought weapons were interesting. In my teens I found I was a really god shot with a rifle, but I really wasn't all that interested in guns and pretty much los tinterest in weapons altogether. I grew up.


The pro-gun people are as obsessive as religious people so I treat them the same. blocked 2 on here today. I like open-minded free thinkers not fucking robots

I've done the same, Leigh. To me, the subject is no longer open to debate. Nobody who supports the NRA, or who has taken their money, will ever get my vote.

no, when there is no reasoning there is no reason. I have plenty of walls I can talk at right here my friend.


I personally prefer weapons of antiquity, like swords and stuff. Guns are neat, the mechanics behind them and all the versatility they have, but a well forged blade or piece of armor is a true work of art. Guns never had the same artistic appeal to me, although that is not to say a well crafted gun can't be a deadly sculpture itself.

But yes, as a Canadian, the US obsession with firearms has only reached disturbing levels over time. The reactionary nonsense weapon enthusiast can spew when even sensible gun control is proposed shows a real troublesome problem ingrained into your culture at large. I've never been for outright banning of all firearms, but what control is in place right now is not sufficient. And the classic "it's a mental health issue" deflection doesn't help either. You can tackle both you know, gun violence is not a symptom of just one thing, it's a composite of many issues that have coalesced into the mire you find yourselves in today.


I never been seduced by guns.... always considered them below me.


I started noticing the resemblance with the gun rights meme's coming out recently and the Pro-Trump meme's back during the election. I started seeing my Facebook friends and family sharing them on their page, which in turn shows in my news feed. I ask a couple of them about the post and both said it showed up in their news feed without solicitation. I believe someone is paying Facebook for getting these meme's out.


The obsession with weapons is a sickness. Having fired powerful rifles, Browning automatic rifles, and machine guns, I can tell you that it does give one a sense of power, a macho-feeling. But., that is a feeling which should be suppressed strongly unless one's life is in eminent danger. To give in to the feeling, even for recreation is to curry violence in oneself.

I've shot rifles and handguns all my life. I shot my first .22 when I was six years old. I shot competitively when I was 14. I served in the U.S. Army for 11 years. I shoot often, for me the concentration on shooting a small target far away takes my mind away from other more stressful thoughts. Calculating how much drop I have to compensate for and how much of an adjustment I need to make for wind is an exercise in mental arithmetic and physics.
I don't know what about shooting gave you this power trip you speak of, but I don't think that's normal. I can do things with a handgun that most people don't even think is possible because I practice a lot. For me, shooting is all about precision not power.
I am completely in favor of stricter background checks and even psychiatric screenings for gun buyers. I would support waiting lists and safety training as a prerequisite to gun ownership, but the vast majority of gun owners aren't going to commit mass murders just as millions drivers aren't going to plow into crowds of people. We have higher safety standards for drivers than gun owners though. We could at least make it as hard to get a gun as a car.


Death Star shrubbery


Ok, even I think that's funny. You get my like. I still disagree with the sentiment.


We may need our weapons someday to fend off tyrants like Obama. Hell the liberals are obcessed with gun control. Even if they couldn’t get our guns through legislation they were going to do it with judicial appointments as 4 judges on the bench already didn’t even recognize the 2nd amendment as giving us the right to own a firearm. If Clinton had won we would have been screwed on our gun rights.

@Desertwriger I’m not worried about the artillary round as they are controled by the government and the governments on our side since Trump took office.

Methinks you worry about nothing. Obama is no tyrant and Clinton would have made a far better president than the current one. If and when some of your children or grandchildren or relatives die by itinerant gun fire you may change your tune. But for them it will be too late.


Our country is getting sicker in so many ways

and it's the old ways that led to this.

@hankster I get you

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