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Not necessarily a Trump fan, but not a foe either

Slava3 7 Jan 2

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Just wear steel panties around TrumpOLINI he will grab your pussy


LOL I have some Trump worshipping friends that never have anything critical to say about Trump and will defend him at every single turn that always begin their posts with, "Not necessarily a Trump fan, but...."

Reminds of of the posts that start out, "I'm not a racist, but...."

Nothing good ever comes after the "but."


Possibly this meme was a banana peel for yours trully, but some of you need to get your moths washed.

Telling the truth about TRUMPolini only gets you pissed on by the BILLARYbots here and they even lie about honest DR JILL STEIN being in cahoots with Putin. ...telling the truth Billary paid a million for 2 Russian whores both peeing on ObushaObombney bed in Moscow suckered Senator McCain to read the British spy dossier' went to Moscow for BILLARY OPPOSITION "research" ..... the only honest POTUS candidate. ...Governor Johnson was so stoned he knew nothing about the illegal CIA war against ALEPPO SYRIA

I know, they get so grungy flitting around like they do...?


You sure sound like a fan. Peddling "alternative facts" like a fan.

Deb57 Level 8 Jan 2, 2019

...though perhaps a Forum Hog ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 2, 2019

I recognize Bull crap when I see it being posted by trolls.


now that is crap, sorry, just total crap. someone put it on a meme so you believe it? duh!

but before i saw the meme i already knew something was wrong. how can you not be the foe of a guy who... oh gosh where shall i start? start with the news. go on, surely everyone is playing the videotape of trump's cabinet meeting. the man's a MORON.



That is bullshit. You're a troll or an idiot - maybe both.


Because the Russian Oligarchs gave the billions to Trump personally?



If they did donate that amount to the Clinton Foundation, so what!! It for the most part would have gone to charitable causes. On the other hand they probably didn't donate to Trumps foundation because they're smart enough to know a fraudulent charity when they see one.........

not arguing with your point, as i totally agree, but i want to point out something many people don't know. the clinton foundation's funds mostly do not go out to other charitable foundations because it is, itself, a charitable foundation, not a collection point for funds to be redistributed hither and yon. the foundation does a lot of good work around the world, using those funds. most notable is its fight against aids. but since putin despises clinton, if russians gave money to that foundation, surely it was not anyone in the actual government. this renders the issue moot.



Cite your source(s) please. Otherwise, it's just more reich-wing bullshit trying to deflect from 45's malfeasance.


You remind me of the vapid sort that hangs out on Facebook that believes anything that gets posted online. Do you have a credible link that backs up your claim here or are you all about becoming the spoon that stirs shit up?

Do you really need to ask? The story appears to be a desperate smoke screen by tRumpettes to deflect attention from his treason


@JimG I'm hip... After I posted that I see the other stuff he posted, presumably, to up his point count.

@JimG I'm thinking a shit stirrer.....LOL

@Minos oh what an intelligent comment! you've convinced me with your logical reasoning and refined method of expression. oh wait. what i meant to say is you're a fucking moron. yep, my bad; that's what i actually meant to say.


@Minos Awwww Cupcake...... Did I hurt your little feelings? Do you need a tissue?

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