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Leaving the holidays but in the contest of worst gift ever?

From that spouse that scorched my credit and left me riding a bike for two years.

I'd asked for a Sirius satellite radio for the car.

I drove dawn to dark many days chasing his failed entrepreneurial dreams.

He somehow found close to the exact sized box of a Sirius.

Inside the box were second hand pajamas.

tick tock

And I was at full apogee of "The Change" at that time, so yes.

There was a small bit of a scene.

BufftonBeotch 8 Jan 2

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Second hand pajamas? How gross.

I don't even wear, pajamas, as in actual pajamas, comfortable bottoms, like lounge pants and a loose t-shirt in cooler weather. Comfortable shorts and tank top in summer weather.

And he knew this.

Printed, button down flannel is so not my style.

Damned things may as well been footed.



Menopause can justify self defense homicide at least you could collect his life insurance recouping your losses


An electric knife on my third Christmas with my ex. This was around the time he left his wife and toddler son with nothing. He was very busy fooling around. I recall musing about what I might cut off with that lovely present.

Go for it Lorena BOBBITT !

And electric knives suck as an efficient tool.

They just hack things apart.


Cold!! Stone cold!!




The worst is to get no gift at all from my significant other.

Carin Level 8 Jan 3, 2019

If you get nothing from your significant other the other 364 days, I would consider moving on, but perhaps what you do get those days more than make up for that 1 day of commercialism.

@jlynn37 True, I didn't think of it that way. It is SO important to look at the big picture.

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