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Today’s three year old.

MsHoliday 8 Jan 5

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I don't remember eating mud as a three year old, but I did drink dirty water with soap in it as an adult...


I agree that 3 year olds are precocious, but they are still three. Thank goodness for their curiosity and unending energy.


They still eat mud, never fear


Here I am at three, fascinated as my grandmother slices a birthday cake; wearing a bib to protect my pretty blue dress. Sister Lynne is on the left. That's my Aunt Loretta and cousins. Chuckie looks dapper.

Age two with my father. Family vacation at Lake Michigan.


Never ate mud myself, but would make mud-pies and my younger sister would eat them because I told her that they'd make grow up to be pretty just like flowers are.


The kid in the picture looks as if someone smeared that on his face and then took a picture. He is not amused.


I never ate mud but I made other kids eat it, I was a big kid. 🙂

How does it make you feel now knowing that you were a bully and forced other kids to do things that you would not want to be forced to do?

@jlynn37 Forced? I talked them into it, told them it tasted like cake. lol

@Surfpirate "I made other kids eat it". Your words.

@jlynn37 Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, the implied threat of violence is often essential to coercion and no I don't feel the least bit bad about it. Kids are cruel little buggers or hadn't you noticed? Did someone make you eat a mud pie without ever laying a finger on you, duped you into believing it would taste like cake?

@Surfpirate Thanks for answering my question. I have often wondered if bullies have any remorse for what they did to others after they became adults. Perhaps once a bully, always a bully.
I was never bullied and was never a bully.

@jlynn37 I was one of the smaller kids by the time I hit grade 3, the tables turn, that's the way of the world. If you believe you never exerted influence over others then it is either because you are not being truthful with yourself or you never amounted to much. Influence and power are exerted by anyone who amounts to anything, doing it fairly is the difference between a leader and a tyrant.

@Surfpirate Your opinion is noted as is mine.

@jlynn37 I'm just shocked that you reached 81 years of age and never noticed this.


I remember tasting mud and spitting it out because it was HORRIBLE!

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