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Is it better to have loved and lost, or better to not have loved at all?​

nicknotes 8 Jan 14

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You can't truthfully answer that until you have loved.


Love. Absolutely. I have gone the not-love route: it's safe, but it sure sucks. I'll take love, even with heartbreak.

Good plan...go for it...


I choose love - always.

Wonderful answer...


Yes, plus there is hope that there is more love for you as well, and it doesn't take away from the earlier love at all.

You are an optimist....that's good..


anyone who has loved and lost a pet knows it's better to have loved.


It is rough with pets because they rarely outlive you.


Love all the way. What do we really have besides our relationships?

So you are "All In"...

@nicknotes Yep. ☺


The love was wonderful. The loss was heartbreaking. I loved the love more than I hated the heartbreak so, yeah, I'd do it again.

Often the second or third try is better because with maturity often comes wisdom.


The love was absolutely worth the soul crushing agony of loss. Believe it or not, I would knowlingly walk through all of it again, in order to relive the love.

Zster Level 8 Jan 14, 2019

Your future is an open road to success.


The simple answer is often the best answer.


according to the Buddha - never love.

The Budda is not always right....

@nicknotes he would agree with you

Sure ...if he were only alive today @kauva


Always better to love and lose than to not love. No question! It's like making mistakes. If you don't make them you never learn. If you don't lose at love - you never appreciate it when you win.

You are an accomplished philosopher.


Depends on which happens first.

Was it the chicken or was it the egg?


Loved. And hoping to be loved again.

Be patient...your turn is coming soon.

@nicknotes I can't wait.

It will happen before Independence day....@confidentrealm


Alfred Lord Tennyson poetically asserts it is. . . agrees.

The intellectual approach....I like it.


Better? To have loved and lost. Easier would certainly be to not have loved at all. But, then, when do good things ever come easily?

I think you are always feel great when the pain goes away.

A 'lovely' answer


At least if you have loved and lost you still have the memories. I tend to remember the good memories but I know some people who seem filled with hate.

Good memories...good dreams...are pleasant.....Hate just raises your blood pressure and that's not good.


Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

skado Level 9 Jan 14, 2019

That's Great...that you have had good experiences...

Whether or not it was “good” could surely be debated, but it was deeply human.

Human''''......better than being a dog lover. @skado

Some of my best friends have been dogs.

Yes...I know I've dated a few in my life. @skado


Loved and lost but best is loved and still love and be loved in return.

I'm happy you are optimistic...that's a sure path to successful relationships in the future.

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