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The razor company Gilette has had the slogan "the best a man can get" for...gosh decades now? Anyway they have decided to take a stand and start holding men accountable for their toxic masculinity. I won't lie this commercial really hit me and made me cry. I guess since the MeToo movement started ive just felt like a majority of men were bullying and mocking me and it made all the feelings from that time amplified and seeing this commercial made me kinda feel like people were sticking up for me.

Anyway, toxic masculinity hurts all of us, not just women, and I'd like to see a future where little boys aren't bullied or harassed for not being "manly" and where women don't have to have a checklist of ways to protect them from assault.

Wouldn't that be a great world?

Empower men, not IN POWER men.

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Jan 14

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I like this commercial but I don't care for words like toxic masculinity. Its like a double edged sword every positive thing as a descriptor that has a negative side. We focus so much on say masculinity is toxic but it isn't. No more than femininity is toxic.
Brave vs. Stupid
Go Getter vs Aggressive
Stoic vs. Insensitive
Empathy vs Bleeding Heart
Love vs Obsessive
Protecting vs Overbearing
Leader vs Controlling
Good Talker vs Manipulative

To me Masculinity is best represented by noble intentions:
Protect the weak
Be responsible for yourself and others
Stand for what you believe in
Say what you do and do what you say
Don't be afraid of pain it only hurts
Be dependable in all situations

Femininity to me is best represented by noble intentions as well:
Care for the weak
Be responsible for yourself and others
Don't give up your values
Communicate to better understand others
Don't be afraid to let people share in your emotions
Even when it's tough be the center of the family

Thanks for the explanation. I wondered why some people were uncomfortable with the phrase "toxic masculinity" and your explanation helped me understand that they may think the phrase refers to all masculinity as being toxic, rather than just specific expressions of masculinity as being toxic, which is how I see it.

It's sort of like mold. There is toxic mold, that can hurt people and destroy lives, and there is mold than can make delicious cheese. To call the toxic mold out as being toxic does not disparage my favorite Manchego.

@AlPastor I actually used to think that too, that the conversation was some masculinity, but then I started finding more and more feminists and women studies scholars pushing the idea that all masculinity is toxic. Here are just a few examples. I'm not saying it's a universal concept, you are proof of that. I do find it alarming and dangerous. That people seem to think in these all or nothing terms. Example, I don't cry. When I dislocated my hip, or other agonizing painful times. I hold it together. I did have a quiet solemn cry when my mother passed. I made sure my children understood it's ok to cry sometimes.<<magic word right. It's ok to be stoic it's also ok to give comfort. It's teaching a balance I think is important.




@Biosteelman the important thing to remember is that just as men need to call out toxic BEHAVIOR (I think that's a better term for it. I hate things being either masculine or feminine. It only furthers the divide between males and females. Calling certain behaviors feminine creates opportunity for toxic men to bully other men for 'being too feminine' or attacking women for 'not being ladylike'. Instead we need to acknowledge and respect that either gender can and should, be able to be themselves regardless of if something is feminine or masculine.) But just as men need to call out toxic behavior in other men, there are feminists who call out misandry in other women.

There are extremists in everything and just as you do not want to have ALL MEN labeled by Male extremists, feminists don't want to all be labeled as man-hating. Like not all Christian's are KKK and not all muslims are ISIS and not all black people are criminals and not all white people are racists.

The important thing is to stop perpetuating it by yelling at the other side that they are wrong but correct the behaviors on your side.

When I see a feminist being unjustly sexist I call them out on it no different than when I call a man out on it. Same for liberals I call them out on their hypocrisy as I would a conservative. I call atheists out when they say something just as hateful and intolerant as I would a christian.

And I hope, because I'm human, someone would call me out on it when I do it, too.

We cannot grow as humans or as a society if we constantly defend negativity just for the sake of defending our causes. There has to be accountability on all sides and it is our responsibility as logical people to note these behaviors on our sides just as we do on opposing sides.

This also includes listening to eachother and instead of getting defensive when someone says "we don't like that behavior" acknowledge it and try to understand why. Then address it.

@LadyAlyxandrea I do like toxic behaviour much more as it identifies it as separate from masculinity. Not because I can't appreciate the subtle but because it feels like too many other people don't. I agree about bout being defensive. I usually call people out regardless. It's one of my charms or unattractive qualities, that's more a matter of perspective.


I liked it. It wasn't man bashing. Very positive and encouraging. I think things like this are what will truly influence people to do better.


Wow. Very powerful. Those boys will need to hear this message a few hundred/thousand times so it can continue to make the changes needed.


It’s difficult to know my place in society currently. I have two daughters so I just try to be a role model for them to look up to.

That is your place. Support and encourage and protect and guide but never toxic.

@LadyAlyxandrea agree, however toxic means a lot of different things to different people
And it’s easy to over generalize


Gillette razors have been for me the best since the Mach 3. Smooth as a baby's butt as the cliche goes with no nicks. Well worth the money.

I know I enjoy gilette. I don't shave anymore because of my disability but when I could they never failed to do the job comfortably and correctly


Lol damn they sure know how to get that money. Propaganda is a mf 😉.

Nah, with the number of mens rights activists I see daily I'm certain this wasn't a money thing because I know mens rights conservatives are going to trip over theirselves to boycott and scream like toddlers because how DARE people call them out on being assholes


Nope. They probably don't buy "expensive"Gillette products to begin with so the commercial doesn't matter. This will just be another excuse to purchase bic.


I'm sure if Gillette thought there was profit in it, they would recommend men use 5-blade razors and cut their dicks off.

Wow. I would recommend a single edge razor... would do the job much more efficiently and with less pain.

@Wildflower Thanks. I'll keep that in mind if I ever feel my demise would help society along.

@brentan pretty sad that losing your penis is equated with death to you

@LadyAlyxandrea I didn't. I made a joke that it might kill me (loss of blood).

@brentan ah


Spock from star trek was my first hero because I wanted to be like him without emotions. 30 years later didn't make for a health marriage.

Spock did feel emotions. So powerfully that logic was necessary to keep him sane


This is a commercial? I am amazed.

I know, right?

@LadyAlyxandrea RIGHT!

@MissKathleen it is very powerful. I hope it opens a few mens eyes

@LadyAlyxandrea around here, men my age are still whining about how hard it is to be a man these days...


Well ain’t that some Schick? 5 Hydro the absolute best shave anyone can get. ?


Well done. It's hard to believe they made this but it is about time for it. Very truthful.


I love that Gillette is stepping out this way. Yes, they have some backlash, but I think the time is right and the tide is turning. I think despite or because of the current administration, the pendulum is swinging. It is time.

I think BECAUSE of the current administration. I do have to credit Trump and his odd ability to enrage women enough to stand up and speak out

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