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Have y’all stepped outside this evening and taken a look at The Blood Moon? If not, you should. It’s absolutely amazing!

By Anniemae8
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It’s full and white in northern Kentucky right now.

@Anniemae where is here? It should look basically the same for everyone.


It is cloudy here!! It is always cloudy here when there is an interesting phenomena to see. We saw the eclipse though, and as soon as it passed the clouds moved in.

I was under the impression the eclipse didn't even start yet...

@maturin1919 No, I meant the Solar Eclipse that went over Nebraska many months ago. In the last year I think. (I miss my mind so much some days!) Ah, Google to the rescue, August 2017.


It's about 19 degrees outside and cloudy. I'm not about to stand out in the frigid cold waiting for the clouds to part.

kiramea Level 7 Jan 20, 2019

@Anniemae I have Raynaud's. It's not medically advisable for me to.


I'm literaly wearing a blanket. Negative degrees after windchill tonight. I saw the full moon when i came in earlier, but it wasn't red yet.

Glad you saw & enjoyed it.


Checked, my area not showing anything special yet.

It's supposed to be visible in our region around 11:30pm

@sapiofile yeah... sleeping. Maybe next time.


Can't see it here

motrubl4u Level 7 Jan 20, 2019

Cloudy and snowing in STL. The snow we were supposed to get yesterday showed up today. It got slippery fast out there. Cloudy now.

Remowill Level 7 Jan 20, 2019

Thanks for the reminder. Hasn't started in Texas yet.

jlynn37 Level 8 Jan 20, 2019

Was not quite as red by the time I checked it out

Sparkles Level 5 Jan 21, 2019

I sat outside and watched the universe unfold before my eyes for 5 hours,It was glorious. So was the fifth of Tanqueray. Just made it better. I was cold too.

Mokvon Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

I thought that didn't start until later tonight after 9pm CT... The moon colour is starting to change a tiny bit.

@Anniemae depends on your geographic location ?


Thanks for the reminder!


We got nothing but clouds in southern CT


Live in Tucson AZ. We r clouldy 2 nights a year and tonight is one of them

Frh1gh52 Level 6 Jan 20, 2019

Still just a big white ball when looking from Texas, USA.


It's not very bloody.


It was between 2 and 5 o'clock in the morning and I just didn't get up but...I heard it was cloudy in the UK so a win win situation, I didn't lose any sleep and I didn't miss anything smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

Yes last nite beautiful

surfart Level 1 Jan 21, 2019

Checking it out now. Pretty crisp out here southeast coast MA. but cleared up. Just started 22 mins ago.

Croebheir Level 6 Jan 20, 2019

Thank goodness I don't have work tomorrow, I’m staying up all night to see this.


10:30 pm EST looks normal

MizJ Level 7 Jan 20, 2019

Upload pics please ?

Spongebob Level 7 Jan 20, 2019

It's heavy overcast and raining torrents here. I'll have to rake your word for it. lol

Tompain1 Level 7 Jan 20, 2019

Complete overcast here.


It is below zero here in SW Michigan. Clear sky and I can see the moon when stepping out on my frotn porch. It is very white, nothing "bloody" about it here. It is much too cold to stay outside watching it.

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