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All born in 1929. Wow.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 21

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Both my parents were born in 1929


Wow that’s an interesting bit of perspective


My dad was also born in 1929 and my mom in 1930 they are both gone. My dad lived to be 53 and my mom live to be 86.

My dad was born 1925, and my mom in 1930. My dad died in 1980 and my mom in 1991. Miss them all the time.

My mom died in 1972, she was 45, born in 1927. She was far too young to pass on, but Ovarian Cancer sucks. My dad died at age 88 or 89, he was born in 24. I missed my mom all the time, and missed her most of all when my kids were little, there were so many things I needed to ask her.


My dad is 90. Losing it, but he's still around.


Barbara Walters is 90?!?!



My mom too!


My mom was born in 1929. Not that that has anything to do with anything.

You made me think, my mom was born in 1927.

@HippieChick58 My dad was born in 1927.

My Dad’s from 29, too.. And still going. I’ve often thought of MLK Jr., and how much he missed, and his kids missed of him. ...and Anne Frank..? think i might cry 😟

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