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Hello my beautiful heathen friends. I have a question. What is the scariest part of being an atheist? For me is that nothing comes after death. See I have a daughter who I love dearly, I would love to spends an eternity with her. It scares me that after we die, everything and everyone we knew will no longer be, because we will no longer be.

Infinito_rex 5 Jan 22

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There is nothing scary about being an atheist. At age 13, I became an atheist when I realized the Bible is just a book of stories written by men.

As an atheist, I feel strong, resolute, intelligent and independent. My friends love me for who I am.


As I grow older I fear death less and less. I can´t comprehend the idea of living for eternity. The first 1000 years might be ok but no matter how enjoyable it is, eventually I would want to die.


" From the dust and gases of long gone stars we come and to those things shall we return when we no longer live." - William Anthony, 2019


To me that’s the scary part of reality, not the scary part of atheism. Atheism is just facing that reality instead of denying it.

skado Level 8 Jan 23, 2019

Yes that is what I meant to say. Atheism takes us from fantasy to reality. That's why I said of atheism


You'll be dead so will no longer care! She will remember you so you will still be around. My mum died 10 years ago and I think about her a lot so in sense she is still with me. By the way the first sentence was something she used to say!!

I'm talking about the touch. Hear her voice. After a while memories start fading away


Being scared of the unknown is perfectly natural. All life begins and ends. Just enjoy it. The worse thing I think is dying with regret. Not because of mistakes but because of inaction, never getting around to an important bucket list item.

Never heard anyone say at the end...I wish I had not eaten that ‘ice cream!’ The recently deceased 113 yr old man, said...’he like sweets,’ when ask how he got to that age!


I hear that, who wouldn't spend eternity with their loved ones given a chance? Still, I suppose it's just reality.

The scariest thing about atheism for me is our insofar complete inability to break through into the public sphere. Yes, things like the church of the FSM are funny, but they actually make believers look at atheists harder, not to mention the entirely misnamed Satanists.

The US is so far behind on the "nones" category across most of the first world that we're still going to be passing laws because Jesus while other countries are busy passing us up.


I don't find anything scary about it. Going back to what it was like before I was born is nothing to fear IMO.

jorj Level 8 Jan 23, 2019

Its different, because I'm thinking in my life. I don't remember before I was born. But I do know what is going to happen.


Why give it a moment's thought? You cannot change it, and you will be "not there" when it happens.
Seems like a silly waste of your actual life, to me

That is true. But I don't waste time, I love my imagination. Sometimes we need negative thoughts to go forward


Well your atoms get recycled, that’s a kind of immortality, but then you got them from somewhere else too, they’re only temporarily yours.

So we are a mixture of everything I suppose

@Infinito_rex yes, that, and we are order emerging from chaos


One could also be fearful they won't get 144 virgins if they don't believe in a specific religion. It's the same pipe dream as life after death. Plan on nothing after death. I would love to see the grandparents I never knew, the great grandchildren I may never meet. I am donating my body to science and then it will be cremated. Life is for the living. I believe we need to focus on this planet and those that are left behind. If your body is of use to science, donate it. If you value the land, be cremated or composted instead of wasting valuable land for the atoms in your body that will never go anywhere while encased in a tomb. Atoms that will never be part of the bigger picture if encased, and may actually return to be a part of another human existence if released to the elements. My thoughts.


I believe in something but not a god. I have had so many conversations with my day and others since they passed away that I can't disbelieve. I'm not religious in any way but do believe in spirituality and being the best person that I can be and caring for everything.


That is a valid concern and one that many atheists grapple with. Your love for your daughter knows no bounds...she's a lucky girl to have a dad like you. Make sure you live the example of love, kindness and compassion so your legacy is passed on to her. She'll in turn teach her children, etc..that will be your contribution to an "eternity" with her.

No matter how eternal life is presented in any religion, etc it is still a perception. I think we take that perception to our death. That's the beautiful thing about the human will take us to our idea of "heaven", "hell" or just death as our lives end.


i never connected god with death, so that isn't the scary part for me. when i believed in a god i didn't have any conception of a heaven or hell; judaism doesn't have the same kind of afterlife christianity does. so that, to me, isn't a scary part of atheism. it's scary, but no less scary than before i was an atheist. since i can't think of anything else scary about atheism, i guess nothing.



Enjoy every moment with your well as all the people that are important to you. In the end, that will be enough!


Lots of things happen after you die - they just don’t involve you 😉


I also find it scary that there is nothing after death. Unfortuntely believing in reality is not all sunshine and rainbows. Only religious fools believe in something after death, due them needing a crutch of religious belief.


You will live, as long as anyone remembers you.

My father died 20 years ago, yet he is still alive in the stories I tell my daughter about him and my memories of him. And he lives in the DNA that I passed on to her, as I will live in the genes that she will pass on if she has children. He lives in all the lives he touched, just as I will. All the kindnesses and good deeds that I have done, all the moments that I did not turn away... all the chances that I took to help another, all the people I've loved, even the strangers I've shared a smile with. As long as those people live, then so do I. Long after I'm gone.

We live through others. That's how we become fully human. That's how we achieve immortality.


The scariest part of being an atheist WOULD be taking the dogmatic stance gods (spiritual realms, the unknown in general) cannot exist...but I'm agnostic (as well as an apatheist) problem!


does a lack of god, make absolute the end of consciousness at our body's demise? is afterlife provided by god the only possibility? there is this universe. there is our mind. did god provide those?

God could not have created or provided anything. God is a creation of men.


Belief is defined as accepting things that are unknown. There is simply no way to know for absolute sure what happens after death. I did not chose to be Agnostic. I simply came to the understanding that there are a great many things I could not know, and that I have no control over. Is there a creator, and what happens at that moment of death, are two of those things. One of the greatest tragedies of life is that we worry about things that we cannot know, and/or control. Live in this moment because it is all you have and all you can be certain of. Love your daughter now and accept that this is all you have in this moment.


It makes you value life, more doesn't it?


The result after you die will be the same whether you believe the crazy fairy tales or not.

BD66 Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

Very scary death

Death isn't scary. I worry for those I leave behind when my time comes. During medity I have travelled to the meeting place where we can go to meet those who have passed before. It is so beautiful and serene. I am an engineer and don't believe anything until it is proved to me and I tested the contact over and over again with questions that only I could know the answer to.


I find that the time I spend with those I love means more and I give it my all...knowing that this is all there is makes it more important to be kind, generous, loving, etc. Time becomes precious so you select where you want to spend it and how...mediocre is not acceptable...

The scariest thing for me is to look back and feel that I could have done more for future generations, like your, that is my new goal more for others.

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