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I have a question which, in these politically correct times, is probably inappropriate but whatever, the search for knowledge outweighs entrenched sensibilities. So here goes. Why is it that many American women of a certain status sound like they are doing a Disney or Mini Mouse voiceover. Is it too much Micky Mouse club when they were growing up and they imitated the voices they heard. No mum, just Mini as the crèche-bearer?

Geoffrey51 8 Jan 23

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I, for one, do not sound high pitched.
I am a soft spoken woman, but I am definitely heard and I do not squeak when I speak.

I have the urge to smack women who do this on purpose. Just use your own damn voice. I wasn't aware that it was so widely spread a phenomenon as to warrant a post, but I have heard it and it is infuriating.

I sound like a four year old. It's not intentional and it sucks.


I would kill for a voice like Adele or Pink. Heck, I would kill to be able to get on key. But some of us have a voice higher than Cyndi Lauper. Without corrective surgery or smoking 18 packs of cigarettes, that's not going to change.


I think there are many speech patterns as well as mannerisms that many adapt from watching reality tv...making that pouty big lipped fish look, standing pigeon toed, flipping hair, etc.

I know exactly that voice...ugh...but, hey...not hurting anyone so not a big deal to me...just a tad annoying so easily avoided...I do understand, though


I can assure you my voice doesnt sound l8ke Minnie Mouse...

Haha I am sure it doesn’t!

You probably know better.


Hmmm - guess I don’t circulate with ladies of a certain status ?

Best stay that way I would suggest!


I’ve been an American woman all my life and have never used a cartoon voice. In fact, I hate cartoons, Disney, animé...those comic book thingies. Yuck.

No I am sure, this is a generational thing. About mid 20’s to early 30s is the age range. They clearly aren’t putting it on, it is a natural speaking voice which makes me wonder if it was developed in early childhood.


I grew up in different culture and noticed years back that ladies with softer and deeper voices are major turn on for me...


I have heard that voice you are speaking of and I don’t get it. I often had to address crowds of people and I found that the louder I spoke the higher my voice got, until even I thought of it as being screechy. I found speaking from deep in my thoat, that the tone of my voice carried further.


the selfie, princess, bejeweled, pink cell phone effect.


these are most certainly not politically correct times. these are times in which more and more people feel free to rebel against what they perceive as political correctness but which in fact is just common decency. it's not politically correct not to yell the n word at someone. it's just decency.

women's voices have been controlled by society in many countries (notably japan, where women don't even BREATHE the same way men do -- and i am not assuming; i lived there for 10 years and, in a drama class i taught, literally had to teach the female students how to breathe!) and present-day united states is no exception. my complaint is actually the opposite of yours; i hear too many women using the glottal fry, thinking it's sexy when in fact it's just irritating. i don't know which women you've been hearing. i also don't know what the hell that question has to do with pc (or decency for that matter).



I so agree, I have been living here 20 years and it still annoys me. It usually (not always) goes in line with the brain activity.

Thanks Alex, I’m glad someone else has noticed!


As an American, I have no idea what you're talking about.


Some of us just have squeaky fucking voices. You think I wouldn't like to sound like a real grown up? I fucking would.




Thank you for bringing it up , they make me so sick that I just walk away.


I sound like a Blackburn lass

The Brunette is the most accurate...hahaha Auntie Rita n mi mam

What do you mean by a certain status? Shot in the dark but Im guessing that the ones youre noticing are white trophy wife material with few other marketable skills? This archetype on average probably tends to do this to infantilize themselves for their sugar daddies. Some girls voices get stuck in this range because of childhood abuse. Some are mimicking pornstars. Some just have really short thin vocal cords and naturally sound like a cute little mouse no matter what they do. If it seems artificially put on it's a huge red flag/turn off for me, but if their voice is just naturally high it's usually adorable. What can ya do? My only idea is stop hanging out among so many fake vapid women if it bothers you.


Ah, the old coy ploy


I don't know. I hear many voices that are cartoonish.


Can you provide some examples? I have never heard of this.

On some of the The Real Housewife shows, and many celebrities. Next time I hear one I’ll get their name if I can.

@Geoffrey51 oh, yeah, because The Real Housewives are so representing the real women of Any culture!?! Is there something wrong with you?

Here is a quote from Chicago Tribune “We have the unnamed-habit where women who've seen too many Disney cartoons speak with a Minnie Mouse-like squeak”

@AnneWimsey Hi Anne. I’m not saying they represent American Women for one minute. There seems to be an echelon of woman that have a tendency to speak in this most peculiar way. The Chicago Tribune recognises it as well. See response to Bierbasstard.


I can't stand those types of shows so no doubt that this has missed me lol.

I guess it's just one of those valley girl like trends that will soon be replaced by some other obnoxious tic.

@Geoffrey51 Don't mind Anne, she's a hornet nest with a keyboard and an internet connection.

@Bierbasstard haha you are so right. The shows are so funny because they show over-privileged creatures squabbling about important things like hair dye and why Betty Sue isn’t talking to Mary Jane! Human nature st it’s most crass. Intriguing!

@maturin1919 so, you enjoy watching the Housewives?

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