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What about the possibility of creating a nation of No Religion. Has Anyone here ever thought about that? What possible conditions should gather to make that happen?

Mouncef 3 Jan 27

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In the old Soviet Union it was tried and it not only failed but faith is very strong there today. In protestant North West Europe most counties have state churches and religion is fast heading for extinction here if current trends continue. Correlation is not always causation. But......


Yes, Lenin and Stalin not only thought about it, but actually tried to implement the idea.
It was a huge success! It is a pity that the Soviet Union no longer exists, so that you could emigrate to it...


Iceland is almost 100 percent atheist on the whole, and I think everyone under thirty is atheist. 🙂

Iceland has always been my dream destination. Unfortunately I am not allowed there for the only reason that I've got a third world passport that classifies me as a human of the low range. Because terrorists happen to have the same nationality as mine. I have gotta live with that.

@Mouncef You might have to undergo some additional scrutiny, but I find it hard to believe that Iceland wouldn't take you in the end.

They probably would resist taking me, a white American, because I'm too old and because I don't have a local job or sponsor (for some reason their immigration system, like most, doesn't seem to be aware we're in the 21st century and people have lucrative portable jobs that just require an Internet connection).

I guess what I'm saying is that we'd both have to work hard to break through the gatekeepers there, for different reasons.


We need some land to put out nation.


Do you really think it's a good idea to exclude from this new nation of yours anyone who is not an agnostic or atheist? On what moral grounds? Attempts of this kind have been made by atheistic communist regimes, and failed dismally.
You ask what conditions would be needed. You'd have to employ secret investigators to sniff out any believers who secretly enter this nation, and you'd have to have punitive laws to deal with them, lest others join them. Is that the kind of society you want?

It's just theoretical. Living in a muslim country where I am supposed to be beheaded according to the Muslim holy law, I really love to dream about a nation where muslims are not allowed.

@Mouncef Thanks for that explanation. I can understand your wish.


Very simple. In the US we reestablish the boundary lines for the old Confederacy, build a big wall around it, and if anyone commits hate crimes and bigotry including in the name of what's his name, we banish them to there.


It’s been tried many times over. Read “State Atheism” in Wikipedia. It was attempted in Mexico in fact. All attempts to force people to change their natures have failed. People are primary and governments have to follow suite.


Well that would take all the fun out of not being one of the sheep!


Put all the religious nuts in prison then tell them they can only be released if they never speak about deity of demigod again.


The trick is to create a nation where religion is no longer relevant. That requires you/us to build a nation that values every citizen and provides them with the opportunity to 'be the best that they can be'. It won't happen under the present economic system. ?

Incidentally, i am sure that the women who read your bio will be mightly relieved to learn that you are "not really here for a pussy" ( interesting phraseology ? ) ?

@mzbehavin you won't be calling Mouncef a bit of a Richard then ? ??

It is actually a cultural thing. Do you think I should remove that ?

On the contrary, I mean I am rather here for anything but not genitals. You talking certainty about me not being in love whith humans. It is a pure misunderstanding.

@Mouncef i believe it may lead to people judging you harshly.


Turkey tried something like that under Atatuerk see Wikipedia
Secularism in Turkey defines the relationship between religion and state in the country of Turkey. Secularism (or laïcité😉 was first introduced with the 1928 amendment of the Constitution of 1924, which removed the provision declaring that the "Religion of the State is Islam", and with the later reforms of Turkey's first president Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, which set the administrative and political requirements to create a modern, democratic, secular state, aligned with Kemalism.

Nine years after its introduction, laïcité was explicitly stated in the second article of the then Turkish constitution on February 5, 1937. The current Constitution of 1982 neither recognizes an official religion nor promotes any. [1]

This is as far as it went.


Some of the Scandinavian countries have extremely low numbers of religious people. It'll happen eventually.


What the current administration is working on will put us well into scenes like the "Road Warrior" film in the not too distant future. Many different types in exact locations with an area that seems just right. Savages attacking each other all over again.


you should read Yuval Harari's "Sapiens". I think it would help answer your question.

I am doing


It will take the passage of a lot of years in order for enough people to be agnostics or atheists for that to happen. While you and I do not believe, religion is still quite strong.


it cannot be done and it never will be done. the soviets tried. look how THAT worked out.


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