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Muslim community calling on Nike to recall shoe they claim bears a logo resembling the Arabic word "Allah," on its sole.

"We also request stricter scrutiny of products before they enter the market,"

Religion is a major reason why we can't have nice things.


BryanLV 7 Jan 31

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This reminds me of the objection to London's 2012 Olympics logo which, if read top to bottom instead of left to right was supposed to look like ZION.


Sadly over sensitivity like this is all over. Rampant. They reallllly had to over examine to see that. On what looks like the bottom of the shoe no less lmao funny but sad.


Fuck them and the camels they rode in on.


That's funny, it does look like it says Allah honestly.

Yeah it does a bit. But so what? It clearly does not say that.

I do think Nike bends on this one and pulls the shoe. I also think they make a full apology.

There are a shit ton of muslims who buy Nikes.


Yeah, uhm ... no!


This is not dissimilar to a situation maybe 10-15 years ago where Fiorentina of Italy's Serie A (Soccer) caused all kinds of ructions with a shirt people said had hidden Nazi symbolism in it.

People use to say the same thing about Volkswagen’s symbol.
But I think that was mostly because VW was one of the first things that Hitler requested to be created so that the German people would be able to an affordable car that was made for them and by them.

Oh and to pay homage to Henry Ford who admired Hitler as well. Just a little history for today

Yeah, you can clearly see them. I could see some people being uncomfy with that one.

@BryanLV As was the case as I recall

Looks like people were overreacting about that. There was no intention of displaying a swastika.


Sensitive Muslims. Nonetheless, I wonder is Nike being provocative. Does AIMAX mean anything?


I saw this yesterday. Now I'm ALL for inclusiveness and cultural sensitivity, but this is ENTIRELY too much! It says AIRMAX. The resemblance -what little there actually is- is entirely coincidental. To say this is a stretch is to perfect the subtle art of understatement.

Just like those people that see jesus in is a stretch...gotta hold it a certain angle, draw in the missing parts, etc. sheesh...people are too much, you are right!!!


Oh, dear. An upside down shoe offends me.

Some people know how to pick the important battles. The ones that really needs fighting.


Hopefully that was an honest error! I hope they do the right thing and recall all those shoes!

I say no, don't let the muslims win this one.

@RobertMartin you are kidding, ofcourse? The Muslims didn’t do anything! Humans do certain things out of respect for one is not about winning and loosing! You could win every call, and still be a looser!

@Freedompath these people are being way too hypersensitive about a shoe.

@RobertMartin you made the point in your first post...’don’t let the Muslims win this one,’ that was sneering at Muslims, wasn’t it? You can straddle the fence now, but you showed your hand in the first statement! You indicated...get one up on them, ‘cause you knew to step on anything to do with the Koran, shows disrespect? You did right?

@Freedompath I could care less about the Koran, their Allah or Puppet Muhammad.

@RobertMartin what about basic respect for people not like you? Where were you ask to ‘care’ about their Allah or Puppet Muhammad?

@Freedompath if you like them people more than ours, more power to ya.

@RobertMartin Robert, may I call you where in my writing did I say or imply, that I like Muslim ‘people more than ours!’ I like all people, until I find out that they have an undeveloped character...then I find that I don’t like them and I stay far away from them! And, that is true, even if that is a neighbor! I want see them, even if I am looking straight at them! It is a talent that I developed to protect myself! I am already far away from people in ‘faraway lands!’ So no problem there! Besides, I have not met them, either!


Maybe try turning the logo right side up? AIMAX?


If I have a problem with a product, or its maker: I just don’t buy any of it.

Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone if it's an Israeli product.

@powder lol. I don’t hold Israel sacred-gasp. I’m not an anti-Semite, never have been. I don’t tiptoe around the country’s problems, though.

@CarolinaGirl60 same. Just I know it's almost illegal to boycott Israeli products. They get very upset.

@Gooniesnvrdie @powder
I doubt they will succeed. That’s as bad as any other religion persecuting and claiming ‘rights’. Another’s rights end where mine begin, or that’s the ideal.
I’m not particularly paranoid, nor given to anarchy and mayhem?, so I doubt anyone in the government is monitoring me, or I’d already have heard from Chik-Filet, Hobby Lobby, and more.

@Gooniesnvrdie I pity the poor fool whose job is to go through MY texts, etc! ?

@Gooniesnvrdie @CarolinaGirl60 when Snowdon first came out, I went through a stage of putting key words like terror, daesh, bomb etc and then mentioning I reckon the CIA are a bunch of paranoid fucks and the like, NSA whatever. Fuck 'em. If they are accessing everything online, then swamp them with information if they do use keywords. Who analyses all this crap anyway? Plus it may help make an agents day, give them a laugh.


It's the same with those crazies that saw satanic worship in logos, the Proctor n Gamble controversy, and the Monster energy drinks...religion makes people crazy!

Guess we can't eat tortillas either.... 🙂


Oh FFS!!

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