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I want to thank everyone for making me feel like an idiot for not taking the flu shot and suffering four days with the flu. I'm still sceptical of pharmaceutical companies.

confidentrealm 7 Feb 1

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You ain't an anti-vax-tard are ya?

Excuse me? Did you just say "tard"? LOL.


Such a personal choice. Some people get the flu shot then end up with a totally different strain of the flu. I've never had one and don't get the flu. Hopefully, my luck holds out! I'm glad you're feeling better.

Thank you. I'm not crazy to be skeptical of big business. I like whole food too. Does that make me a nut? or grape nut?


The flu shot always makes me sick. I am up to date on all other vaccinations.


I get yearly flu shots. I'm not sure if they are doing the job (I very seldom get the flu even without the shots), but with my chronic illnesses I'm taking no chances.


I hardly ever get sick. Travel all over the Midwest and eastern seaboard, nothing. However, when I get the flu shot, I get full blown flu. It is the only vaccination I'm against.


Aw, sorry you're sick! I just got my shot yesterday & surprisingly it doesn't feel like someone punched me in the shoulder today. I wonder if anyone else here has had the same experience or did they charge me for a flu shot & then just use water?

Carin Level 8 Feb 1, 2019

Sometimes it's just the simple location of the injection that is the problem...I've had sore spots that last 1 day but that's the longest. Usually just noticed it when sleeping on that side. Count yourself lucky that it's not aching!


You could have kept a script of Tamiflu too . It takes the edge off for me back when I had the flu several years ago.


Not all pharmaceutical companies are created equal. Although the flu shot cannot possibly cover every variety of flu , it sure seems to keep the symptoms manageable. I am fortunate to have it covered in my health insurance from work so I have been getting the flu vaccine for over 20 years now with no ill effects. Any flu-like symptoms I get are minimal. It has really been worth it for me since I don't have to sacrifice my personal days off for sick days. Talk to your doctor. Medical professionals get the flu shot themselves and suggest that most people get's not a conspiracy or a dangerous risk. I'm sorry that people are being mean to you about this are not an idiot....just anxious and that's understandable. Think of it as a way to be part of the 'herd' that are immunized instead of the ones that pose a risk to vulnerable folks like the elderly and infants.

You can also request a mercury free version of the shot. I do.


Flu shots are required where I work otherwise you wear a surgical mask for months the whole time you are working. There’s no reason to be skeptical of a flu shot, it’s one of the products doctors and pharmacies make the least amount of money on compared to the nearly 80,000 people that died from the flu in the US last year(per CDC).


For some of us who are of advanced age, being sick for four days with the flu may not be the worst result...we oldsters (especially those of us who have had their immune system compromised), are more likely to die. So...I was not foolish and got my flu shot again...especially this year, post Lymphoma.

Yeah, I can't believe I used to still be able to go to work with the flu. I never wanted to get the shot. Not so now--if I get the flu I'm sick in bed, feeling like I'm dying & getting dehydrated because I can't even lift a glass to drink. It's easy for me now to imagine dying of the flu, & I'm only 57 & in good health otherwise.

I have cancer. So... I'm tired of being a pincushion.


Sometimes the only choice we have is how we're going to die. I'd prefer it not be in the hospital hooked up to respirators because I was suspicious of an inoculation. If a bunch of people died from getting flu shots, that's be the big story in the news instead of the stories about people dying from getting the flu.

Deb57 Level 8 Feb 1, 2019

I had the flu three years ago. For three days I could barely get out of bed, and took three sick days (I never take sick days; I just "battle through", but I was too sick to do that). The fourth day I could walk a bit. It took 2 full weeks before I felt like "normal" was on the horizon.
When I have a cold, I just feel bad while going about my life. Not the same experience.


If it’s a cold you’ll have a runny nose; if it’s flu you won’t.

This is the flu and I kicked serious viral and bacterial ass. I have other health issues which were very. Much exacerbated , but I live.


Were you diagnosed by a doctor to see if it was truly the flu or just a bad cold? 4 days seems really quick. I got a flu shot this year because I am exposed to babies and toddlers in germ pools. I mean Day Care. Sooo to protect me and them, I got the shot. Some years I skipped it because I was not directly exposed to massive germ factories. Then one of my coworkers brought her germ factory (child in day care) into the office, just for a minute. That was all it took. I was afraid I'd die and then afraid I wouldn't die fast enough.

I used to get a three day flu every year for years. Since I started getting flu shots,fifteen years or so ago, no flu.

Definitely not a cold. My blood is regularly tested. So maybe they can tell me exactly what attacked me.

@confidentrealm Viruses are dang tricky things.

@HippieChick58 gotta love em


Four days is a cold. 'Flu is two weeks of wanting to die just to make it stop!

Jnei Level 8 Feb 1, 2019

It's not over yet but I have other issues such as acute pain


Immunization has been around since Louis Pasteur.


I was down for a month before I decided a shot wouldn't hurt if there was any chance it would help...

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