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For those of you who commented on my post yesterday about the missing puppy (and the bird), the puppy has been FOUND!!! Despite the extreme weather conditions, the 4 month old puppy is just fine. She was found in the next town, which is about a 10 minute drive from here on the highway. It's amazing this little puppy is alive and well despite temperatures that went below -40C overnight and got as far as the next town.

Sadly, this is probably not going to be the last time this puppy will go on the lam. These people's older dog has escaped 3 times the last couple of weeks. This puppy will follow him. Despite living on rural farmland, my dogs are indoor dogs only. They go out into a large fenced yard off my back deck. They are walked on a leash when outside of the fenced yard, except for Spencer who will not stray off (he is protective of me and he keeps an eye on me when we are out there).

So, again, thank you all of you who helped me feel better. I just want to let you all know the good news about the puppy.

By graceylou8
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Mooolah Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

Yay for a puppy win

Duke71 Level 6 Feb 6, 2019

I am glad the puppy was he chipped?

The guy in the office across from mine had a small dog that froze to death after a few hours outside...he forgot that he let it out and then went to bed...poor dog...I told him he was irresponsible and didn't deserve to have a pet...of course, he got another one...I am going to turn him in to the humane society if anything happens to this one...some people don't deserve an innocent animal to care for

I doubt the puppy is chipped. Most people in my rural area don’t care if their pets roam. Most are also not fixed. Their other dog is not fixed and they are thinking of breeding him. We have lots of unfixed roaming animals all over the place. I’ve driven on highways and there would be dogs in the middle of the road. If you complain people say they are farm dogs and farm dogs roam. That’s the way it is in the country. If we don’t like it we can move back to the city. If you hit one of these dogs, it’s your fault for not being careful or driving too fast. People don’t know how to be responsible for themselves and their pets.

For the most part the humane society in the city here is useless. Recently they accidentally left 3 cats in the back of a van for 3 weeks. I think there’s a terrible incident that is even more recent. Most of the time animal control would do nothing but give warning. If the person is not home, they just leave a note and not bother following up. I complained about dogs left loose in the yard when I lived in the city. They were harassing pedestrians especially people walking dogs (like me). Nothing happened. I called them again and they said they had called the owners and left a message. That was it!!!

@graceylou Hate to say it, but dogs roaming freely and endangering my pets in our rural area are going to get shot and it is legal...

@thinktwice People’s dogs get shot all the time. Usually for being mistaken for coyotes. This person’s other dog killed someone’s chickens a couple of times. Owners had to replace the chickens. No animal would be harmed by me on my property and all my animals are indoors or fenced in. But my donkey will probably kill strange canines getting into the horse pasture. I try to get out there when I hear a commotion to make sure no one gets hurt.

A former coworker had a dog come to their yard and her dog growled and chased him away. The roaming dog’s owner complained about my coworker’s dog being aggressive and the bylaw officer came to my coworker’s house telling her to chain up her dog when in the yard because she was aggressive towards another dog. Country logic for ya.

@graceylou People suck...

@thinktwice Whether or not to pick up a loose dog running around the roads is a hot topic in my area. If someone picks up a loose dog running down a busy road in awful weather and tries to find the owner, people jump on them saying that dog probably lives around there and is just walking home (and the type of dog can withstand cold weather). Now the owner has to bail out the dog from animal control and pay a fee. If someone doesn't pick up a loose dog running down a busy road in awful weather but alerts the community of such a dog, everyone jumps on them for not picking up the dog and taking the dog to bylaw or a vet to check for a microchip/tags. Poor thing could freeze to death or get hit by a car. More country logic.

@graceylou I always go by what I think is best for the animal...humans can figure it all out later...if they get fined, maybe that is a way to stop that behavior...I would save an animal before I saved some humans...

@thinktwice Oh me too. Most people around here think they are entitled to do whatever they damned please because they're country folk. There are rules even in rural communities. We've even tried to save a coyote that's been shot in the leg and left to bleed to death on our property. Nobody could help us because it's just a coyote (considered vermin around here, shoot as you please). At least she was comforted as she was dying (she ended up in the horse stall somehow and my donkey protected her). We knew she was hurt but didn't know about the gunshot wound until she had passed (lost a lot of blood). She passed away while we were still trying to find someone who could help.

@graceylou I friend got out of her car and shot a deer that had been hit by another car...the woman who hit it went hysterical and called the friend told the cops that she humanely put the deer out of its misery and drove off...people need some common sense




THat is great the pup was found!I didnt comment because I was at a loss but felt your pain

btroje Level 9 Feb 5, 2019

Unfortunately this is likely to happen again. This sort of thing happens all the time around here. So many lost dogs. Many never found. People let their pets roam and make them other people’s responsibility. They let their pets roam free and the pets run into the highway and get hit by a vehicle. The driver gets blamed for not paying attention or driving too fast. It’s extremely frustrating.


YEA! smile001.gif

Sticks48 Level 9 Feb 5, 2019

Glad this turned out well for you!


Oh I'm soooooo glad!!!!!! I was worried about those temps, & was sure it was not going to be good. Very pleased to hear, thanks for updating.


What about the bird?

The bird wasn’t missing. It was in my house and I tried to get it back out. Long story short it hit a wall, fell, and my cat killed it. ☹️

@TheAstroChuck The bird was probably there for a only a few hours. She wasn’t there earlier in the day. I folded laundry a few hours before and there was no bird. I just came back there to get toilet paper which I store in the laundry room. She seemed healthy, just terrified.

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