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I spent 30 odd years in the Information Technology industry. I'm in complete agreement with this:

bigpawbullets 8 Feb 8

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Truth. People are always shocked when they come in my house and I have so little tech.


Skynet's going to get you one way or another.

Maybe.... maybe not. I've a Beowulf 50 and a GS.

@bigpawbullets I hear a T-1000 giggling somewhere...

50 caliber, 425 grain mercury filled HPs.
And Linda swatting it with her cast iron skillet, while the GS is pulling off its leg. We'll go down fighting. πŸ˜‰

@bigpawbullets You need yourself a John Connor. That'll see you through.


'The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'which is to be master β€” that's all.'

I have a number of smart devices that relieve me of minor boring tasks like remembering to turn the thermostat down at night or allowing me to control my music with just my voice. I'm pretty sure they're not about to rise up and take over, at least not for a few more years!


You can not escape all of the digital stuff, but where I can, I remain analog.


I am lucky I have 4 tech wiz's called grandchildren that fix things that I did not even know were broken.




IOT is scarily porous.


I recently took an interest in technology security podcasts, despite alot of it being WAY over my head (at least currently). It amazes me just how collander like many of these things are. Like roughters with WAN facing open ports running simple (or NO) admin passwords by DEFAULT.

I look at everything in a new way. Including, anything with seemingky inaccessible (impossible to update?) Firmware. Like every single new vehicle being produced. Many of which are now directly connected though LTE connections.


"It is too easily hackable," is my pat reply to technophiles.

"I like talking with friendly people," Trevor, 59, said at the gym. We were the only two customers not wearing headphones.

"Headphones are a giant 'F-U' message," I replied. He agreed.

I had noticed Trevor and I were checking each other out. So, I smiled and introduced myself.

On Sunday, I will watch Trevor coach his woman's hockey team in a coed scrimmage. That will be fun. Yes, Trevor is from Canada.


My new apple watch chimed up, ”Time to stand up and walk around” I screamed ”You’re not my Mom!”


Yep. Here too.


lol so true..

.Alexa chats with me and offers suggestions to me now... She yelled out that my package was on the front porch...

My coffee maker turned on and brewed coffee...but I forgot to put the pot under it...

I can't even use my stove without overriding the controls...

and why do I need a remote to turn on my fireplace when it is two feet in front of me?

ha ha ha....I am ready for manual and simple...thanks for a good Friday laugh!!!

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