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Who struggles with depression? And how do you deal with it? I still have a lot of leftover psychological artifacts from a childhood filled with God and church. Even though it never really felt real to me, its still in there and I still live in an area with LOTS of religious people. I don't have anyone to talk to about this stuff without them mentioning God or prayer.
(Just a note to edit, my depression stems from chemical imbalance for the most part, diagnosed around 2005, with some life situational things contributing to it. I just note the religious aspect because I can't mention it to friends or peers due to the insistence that "Prayers" are the main treatment option for me. )

O_ophelia 5 Feb 9

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I have dealt with depression most of my life. I tried to talk to my wife about it but she is in the grips of the church of christ. Has been all of her life. I am trying marijuana to help me deal with it. I have only had it for a month or so and my results have so far been inconclusive. I have no one to talk to about it either. but I am not much of a talker anyway.


I've had my struggles with the black dog throughout life. Mine was not due to religious conflicts but to genetics and predisposition. Years of therapy (some good, some not), being on different anti-depressants (which I AM a believer in-they help build up resilience over time) and LOTS of reading (I recommend Peter Kramer's books and a book called the Antidote: Happiness For People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking by Oliver Burkeman, if you feel like engaging in some bibiotherapy), and addressing my seizures helped immensely. I still have times when I feel the pall of depression fall and I am only on an extremely small maintenance dose of the gold standard antidepressant for "whale-sh%t" depression. But I don't see a therapist on a regular basis anymore, except for my prescribing psychiatrist, (I see HIM every 6 months. He is so good that I pay out of pocket to see him, b/c he doesn't accept my insurance.)


Realize that you are not guilty of their accusations. I lost someone due to the depression that religion caused. She was the kindest person I ever knew and we had been dating for almost eight years. Never let them own you. That's their goal. Why do you think their leaders refer to followers as their flock?


I plan pretty big vacations and sometimes work for years to make it happen. The vacation gives me a dream and the work to make it happen keeps my hands and mind busy. Right now I want to take up sailing, so I built a boat. I finished the boat last fall and took it out. This winter I am improving the sails and rigging. The extent of my big plans this year are sail to Assateague Island, about 100 miles away. Next year, tour the Maine coast.

I just checked, the Tall Ships festival is in Deluth, that might be awsome.


I have had two or three major episodes in my life and have always been prone melancholy. I now avoid all medicine's they are just not for me. If I feel the crows shadow now I ride the storm till it passes. It does for me. Intolerance of every kind seems to be on the rise. We live in a fast world replete with the slow witted and no one seems to question the madness and unnatural habitat we all now inhabit. That I'd why so many now hunger to get back to the garden and get off the grid. Keep strong and remember what others think doesn't matter
What they believe doesn't matter. What matters is what you believe and think. As for depression everyone is different there are no easy answers x


It must really be hard living near so many un-supportive people. I have had chronic depression since childhood. I was diagnosed in my teens, and I finally have it under control. I wish I had known: a) talking to a good therapist is valuable, b) keep looking until you find a therapist who is really helping you (instead of suggesting "just go out and walk more" ) c) sometimes medication is useful/necessary, d) sometimes the first medication you try doesn't work, but if you keep at it, you will find one that does. I hope this helps. Please feel free to write to me, if you like.


I've been prone to depression for over 50 years, and I have found that for me exercise and TMG (tri-methyl-glycine) help.


You found this web site to help with that. Put the religious junk in the closet. That might help a little with your problems. Hang in their.


I've experienced bouts of mild depression. It comes and goes, but I haven't really had anything noticeable in a while. I think diet helps somewhat; if I eat more whole, unprocessed foods for an extended time, I feel better in a multitude of ways — physically, energy level, alertness, and mood. I think it also helps to keep busy, so I have less time to dwell on whatever might be negatively impacting my emotional state. And I'm a proponent of volunteering or otherwise assisting people often so I'm focused on others' needs and gain some satisfaction from having helped them in meaningful ways. I think, too, that spending time in nature has some benefits; when I'm exposed to more sunlight, fresh air, and the sights, sounds, and touch of the great outdoors, I feel calmer and yet somehow more invigorated, and my troubles seem to melt away. I'd also say that having a strong support network from friends and family is helpful, but not to hash out my problems, which returns my focus to my depression; I find it's better to just have deep, meaningful conversations about other things of interest to me and those with whom I talk. Good luck to you. I hope at least some of this helps.


My problem is anxiety. Not the "I feel nervous" type. More like "I'm dying right now" type. I'm saying this so you know that I know how your own brain can make you feel. I've experienced depression. Still do, occasionally. In my case, it got better with age. Don't give up on the meds. They made it possible for me to function as a father and keep a job. Haven't had an hour of sleep uninterrupted by nightmares or whatever in ten years but I'm sixty. And some of those nightmares are an inspiration to me. I'm talking subjectively here. Go tslk to people who know about stuff. I like people who know shit. Even that lady who put a probe in my ass to make sure I don't have a colon cancer.


These days you'd have to be crazy to not be depressed. The cure is really mundane. Go outside. Get fresh air and exercise. Hug a tree. Talk to your fellow citizens. Help an old lady cross the street. Decide to not be depressed. OTOH, if you have a chemical imbalance, consult a professional.


One of the first things you must do is to love your self. Believe in yourself. You are good and very worth while. Embrace that. Will this cure depression? No, but it will make you stronger so you are better equipped to deal with it.

I am almost 68 and have dealt with depression since I was 15. I have never taken meds. Once or twice I took Xanax but each time only for a few days. It can be hard, very hard. But you must love and believe in yourself. That is how you fight it. Also having activities and projects in which you are interested in helps also. You are your own best friend. Be kind and love yourself. You are worth it.


I take no meds for it but I know I have depression. I deal with it by endless projects that come out of things that interested me as a teen. I always liked to read, play music, and copy music and movies. Everything went digital and I got into computers. I never grew up and I'm still doing the same things but computers take a lot of daily work. Now my computers read to me and I watch anything I want to on them from all over the world. I get news and radio from all over the world also.
The source of my depression is change and anxiety. I hate change but it is a constant to life. I'm getting older and going forward. That does not afford me the security and comfort of the past. I have no hope of past relationships returning and very little of a future relationship that will blossom. The best I can do is please myself.
Depression is a bastard but doing is a cure. Be active and do what you enjoy doing.


If you have a local library, go there and read books on depression (which is a brain problem). They also have lectures, called The Great Courses...they have great research material. You would need ear phones and a DVD player! The library is safe and people are calm there! Believe me, sometimes just the calmness is helpful! And don’t forget to walk at least 30 mins straight, everyday! And practice deep breathing often, because when we are stressed we breathe shallow...kinda like holding our breath out of fear of some sort! My best to you...I have surely been where you are!

very kind and thoughtful advice!


I’ve just started counseling. I’ve been on a depression medication for some years and life still sucks, lol. I suppose everyone who has depression struggles each in his or her own way with it. For me it’s primarily melancholy and a lack of desire to do anything. Plus my life situation at the moment (read my profile for more info) is a struggle. Taoism is my primary philosophical view that allows me to go with the flow and survive. Some intersting other resources are the ToDo Institute ( which advocates for more drugless ways of dealing with psychological issues. There you will read about two Japanese psycho therapies, Morita and Naikan. These two therapies were synthesized into a more western approach by UCLA professor David K Reynolds called Constructive Living. I have read and studied these for some years now and find them a refreshing alternative to the contemporary Western European/American views/alternatives. I am primarily a solitary person and thus not one who relies on friends or family. So my solitary approach to mental health probably doesn’t fit well with most. If you would like to know more about my experiences or other resources just ask.


Exercise fill you with endorphins and makes you feel happy.

I want to try to work on that this year. I have some health issues that are roadblocks to exercise at the moment but I am visiting a dr soon for them.


Vitamin E helps with depression, too.

@O_ophelia start with walking and move on to whatever you enjoy. If I had a pool I’d swim more often. Maybe an ocean too ???

Very good advice. The hardest part is getting started, but once you get into it, it makes an incredible difference.


You have a great forum here to discuss it, especially as it relates to your religious triggers.

I suggest meditation, hobbies and getting involved in religion free social activities.

I have looked into a few different things in the area, like I said, its hard to find. Where I am in NC, God infiltrates everything. I mostly just go to work and go home to my kids

Whatever works for you. Remember you have this heap of heathens around 24/7 if ya need us!


When I was a teacher (long retired), I was prescribed Zoloft for depression. However, I was taken off Zoloft after a heart valve replacement inasmuch as it causes an irregular heart beat. I was happy to discover that I no longer needed Zoloft, which I attribute to being retired and not having to experience the stress of dealing with assholes (parents and administrators), as when I was in the workforce. I realize of course that you may not be in the position to retire, but I suggest you talk to your Dr. about worked for me with no side effects.

My mom and sister both took Zoloft but it caused major rage issues with them. I took Prozac, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta and Celexa to no avail but they work on Seratonin, which is different from Zoloft. I meant without medication, to be honest. I don't want to ride the antidepressent train again.

@O_ophelia Wow! Zoloft was pretty benign as to side effects for me. I wasn't "zombyfied" by it either. "Major rage issues..." Gosh...was anyone bitten? 🙂

@dahermit haha, they are both fine now but its always made me scared take it after that

@O_ophelia It wasn't an antidepressant in my case, but an alternate drug to an antihistamine when I had Bronchitis (or something else, I don't remember now) and I could not take antihistamines because of my high blood pressure. In any event, just my wife (then, different wife now), walking past would fill me with rage. I was shocked that I could not control my emotions. I told her about it and she dumped the pills in the toilet. I have never had such a reaction before or since and If I had not had that experience I would have likely not believed it was possible...I am not the kind of guy whose emotions run away with him.
I wonder if Marijuana might be the answer for some people with depression.


I take meds. They don't make it all better but they make it manageable.

Carin Level 8 Feb 9, 2019

I was on meds for a while, pretty much tried everyone of them but nothing worked. Then I lost my health insurance. I might try again

@O_ophelia , I used to have anxiety and the meds made very little difference. Later, I found that my sleeping patterns were the problem. How are yours?

@chucklesIII not great but I'm visiting a Dr soon about my thyroid which is an issue at the moment. Probably going to mention depression to her too

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