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After watching clips of DJT's rally in El Paso (just couldn't stomach the entire thing), I've come to the conclusion again that he could hold a rally in KLINGON (I know, the thought that he would learn ANY foreign language is a stretch, as is the idea that his base would understand one) and his devotees would be FINE with it. They attend to bask in his presence, chant a bit, and enjoy the cult. And he gets away with things like insulting Obama for owning a dog and co-opting Hillary's former campaign slogan (Stronger Together). It's the damnest thing I've ever seen.

BookDeath 8 Feb 13

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And they will still be like that, after he's gone! I can forsee Trumplerite cultists standing on street corners, passing out leaflets, and verbally harrassing people, ten years from now! Maybe he will start up his own Church of Trumplerology?


He has lied about the numbers in attendance again. I just do not understand these people. He is planning to remove funds from Hud for his wall and this would affect some people in Ohio that need their roofs repaired. Some of them state it is more important to build the wall rather than fix their roofs which are about to collapse. I just cannot believe them!!!


Watch clips from Hitler's speeches...even then people afterwards would state that had no idea what he a actually said, but it made them feel wonderful. Eerie, creepy, scary


I worked with people like this. Unless you are masochistic in nature, why burden yourself with such smarm? My mute button is worn out. I can always turn my back so as to avoid the gag reflex everytime he is on the screen. But I could not avoid having to work with such total denial. Lies, proof of lies, more proof of more lies. Associates going to prison. Unprecedented numbers of investigations into decades of nefarious business activities doesn't matter. It is difficult to grasp the inanity of their lack of thought process. Senseless.


Gee.... maybe someone down the line will try for a Klingon Promotion. []


I've come to the conclusion that DJT is a Klingon. It's time to dislodge him.

Best me to the post. Although, with that head, he may be Kardashian (pun intended).


This is how cults form. Someone with just enough charisma and a whole bunch of crazy gathers in a few lost souls who buy in to every bit of lunacy the leader preaches.

Fortunately, cults have a way of fizzling out rather quickly. Most people start to realize fairly soon how crazy things are and they walk away with their tails between their legs, embarrassed that they could ever have fallen for such a thing.

Then there are those rare lunatics like Hitler who are endowed with as much charisma as they are crazy. These are the truly dangerous ones. The ones who are capable of influencing mass amounts of people and getting them to buy in to their outrageous agendas.

Fortunately, Donald Trump does not have that level of charisma, and his cult will quickly be relegated to a few die hard followers. He most certainly has ALL the crazy, but the charisma just isn't there.

One hopes. One certainly hopes.


His presidency, hell, his very existence, defies all logical understanding. This period will be looked back on as an extreme aberration where our country lost all sense and voluntarily gave up its moral compass, its economic well-being, and its international standing.

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