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Crayola crayons put out a box of crayons in 1903. The box only had 8 colors. Now, crayons come in 120 colors.

A few of my favorite names are: Neon carrot, Unmellow Yellow, Piggy Pink, and Atomic Tangerine.

Do you have favorites? Here is the full spectrum and some other fun facts about crayons.


thinktwice 8 Feb 13

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One of the primary colors for printing...cyan, magenta, yellow...good choice!

@thinktwice I love the color and the a kid I thought it was pronounced Magneta..Lolololololololol


I find yellow orange, red orange, yellow green and green yellow to be confusing.

mmmm I find them to be so subtly nuanced...peel off the wrappers and lay them side to side...they are different and beautifully so...mmmm πŸ˜‰

@thinktwice if you were not here for community Linda I would tell you that you are getting me really hot.

@thinktwice let me know if you would ever like to make a trip West instead of East.

@mooredolezal they are crayons...easily melted under skilled hands...just be careful that the dripping wax is not too hot...

@thinktwice is that a yes?? I would even be happy with a maybe!LOL you knowing where my old house is must count for something! Especially since you pass it almost daily.

@thinktwice PS don't hesitate to tease me.


Love the purples, greens, reds, pinks, & blues.

so...basically all of them...ha ha ha...

@thinktwice Except browns, beiges, tans, off whites, etc.

@Lilac-Jade I also do not care for yellows...I prefer the brights...

@thinktwice Some yellows are ok, but not all of them. I'm a bit picky with yellows.

@Lilac-Jade Love that your name evokes colors in my mind...beautiful...

@thinktwice Purple is my colour, & Jade was an SPCA kitty name that is the cat in my avatar. Jade didn't suit her so we re-named her Wisspurr, but unfortunately she died at 17 months old....still miss her. Her body stopped making red blood cells.

@Lilac-Jade awww My black rescue was named Zachary...the name didn't suit him either...I re-named him little boy ever! Sorry for you loss, but you gave her 17 months of love.

@thinktwice Yes, we both loved her, & she was such a loveable kitty. We only had her for 5 months as she was a year or so old when we got her. We didn't get to ''grow up'' with her, which is why I think we miss her so much.

She loved the ping pong ball in the tub....

@Lilac-Jade adorable! My little one is bored now that we have so much snow outside...I am going to see if he will do this...thanks for sharing such a lovely story...

@thinktwice Our cats have all thought this was great fun. I have a ping pong ball on the shelf in the tub at all times.


Yes BLACK just like my soul ?

Which one? There are two blacks....ha ha ha

@thinktwice You know I’m gonna say anything about how that sounds when you say it.?
but the black that I’m talking about
is the original black,
the true black,
baggy jean,
Wuwear shirt
Starter cap wearin
Kinda black .

Not some promoted by pop culture don’t even understand themselves kinda black.
You feel me!? ✊????????

@48thRonin I agree...still haven't found out what they are calling "black"...but I believe it is called "ink"...a black with a hint of indigo...most eyes do not discern the is crazy and maybe just an artist thing, but I know which one you like....ha ha


Do they still have flesh colored?
πŸ™‚ is called peach...who's flesh? Obviously, they had to change it...

@Lutherzme thank got it and so did they...


My first crayons I owned were in 1st grade. I believe there were only six colors, but it could have been eight. They came in a box and they were really fat. So fat that it was impossible to get any real detail, but probably perfect for a first grader's coordination.

I never read the names they give colors. Grumbacher cured me of that.

Many of the colors are the same...the colorwheel is one of the most useful tools I have for all sorts of artistic endeavors...I used it for quilt planning as well as painting...

@thinktwice Yes, theoretically you can make any color with the three primary colors. Black and white are useful as well.


cornflower blue and poppy red were faves.

mmm just seeing those makes me think of spring flowers! Thanks for sharing...


I don't recall how many crayons I had but I do remember envying those that had a box with a sharpener built in.

ha ha ha sharpener envy! ha ha ha box has a sharpener...

@thinktwice ergo sum invida


As a kid we had crayons, pencils and THEN we got a watercolor box with 120 different colors. My Dad drew and painted so we did not get coloring books (still have a hard time staying in the lines). I was always challenged as to what to put on paper and found clay a much more fun medium. The colors tho in a box of Crayola crayons look SO fun!
A little story about crayons. When we were about 3 or 4 my twin and I were given a time out, put in my parents bedroom (no toys, there) and the door closed, just sit and be quiet. One of us found a few crayons that had rolled under the bed. There was no paper so we wondered what would happen if you touched them to the lit bedside lamp. They melt really cool!! Needless to say the smell of melting crayons and the discovery of our mess really pissed mom off. We were a challenge to that woman.

ha ha creative family!

I remember melting crayons on a chianti bottle...and now, there are some very cool pieces using melted crayons...

@thinktwice Here's one I did years ago. πŸ™‚ I have another one that I did with a horse instead of a couple, but I can't find a picture.

@Kynlei Awesome! I have done a few as reason I have a heat gun now...

A friend of mine in Arizona did one with her kids...the crayons melted in the heat wave they had two years was fun and interesting...

@thinktwice I used my hair dryer for mine. ?

@Kynlei I tried the hair dryer and could not get the control I wanted...but I do like the "splatter" it gives...there are some great ideas on Pinterest, too!

@thinktwice I found that Crayola crayons didn't splatter nearly as much as the Rose Art ones I used. I went with cheaper crayons for my first attempt.

@Kynlei Only a fellow artist would recognize that brand....ha ha go! yeah...the wax content and the additives make a difference...they now make special colored waxes for this...sort of takes the fun out of creativity when things "catch on"...


I loved me a box of 164: dump them out and put them all back, organization by color.

I have issues.

lol..uh...I used to do the same thing...I also peeled off the wrappers so I could see the whole crayon side by side...I think because some people are able to better see the gradient changes better than others...I did a color test and was able to see the difference between orange-red and red-orange, etc. I bet you do, too! ha ha ha no issues...just color- abled!

@thinktwice gradient changes, laws yes--there it is!

Same here. Mild OCD and the need for spectumization. Lol!

@thinktwice , @Bierbasstard Y'all should see me drool when my friends would pull out their boxes of poly dice for RPGs...

@stinkeye_a The multi-colored ones drive me organize by shape and color and even which number on the face up is maddening...ha ha ha


What color would you consider closest to caucasian?

Peach...they changed the color from "flesh" to peach...for obvious reasons...although to color, I use about six different ones...including desert sand, apricot, almond, melon and banana mania...

I spent five years making arts and crafts paints. The closest thing to 'Caucasian' I can recall was 'Warm Flesh', which I called 'Quivering Flesh'.

@davknight so people of color don't have flesh covering their bodies?

@thinktwice I am not peach . Jes saying . Nope

@Bigwavedave ha ha fleshtones range from light to dark...there should be a range of beiges perhaps like in makeup...I am ivory beige...maybe you are true beige..ha ha ha...flesh is skin...we all have skin so it was inappropriate to call the color "flesh"...

@thinktwice This was the 'eighties--before 'PC'!


Purple is my favourite flavour !!

I love purple as well! There are 16 different purples in the box.... πŸ™‚

@thinktwice You really are a fanatic!

@AstralSmoke πŸ˜‰ I google well...


I like silly names like Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown, Macaroni and Cheese, Banana Mania, Screamin Green, Outer Space, Wild Blue Yonder, Purple Mountains’ Majesty, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Razzmatazz, Tickle Me Pink, Mauvelous, etc. What a fun job it must be to come up with names for colors.

Those are some the best names! They did have to rename a few...flesh was changed to peach because not everyone's flesh is that color...they changed Prussian blue because Prussia no longer existed...and they retired a few...Dandelion sad! But there was already a color that was similar...

@thinktwice I was glad to see that Robin's Egg Blue is still around. That was always my favorite.

@Kynlei lol yes! I love that the colors can be associated with things we recognize..Inchworm green...ha ha

@thinktwice 'Prussian Blue' probably came from Prussian Blue Dye (aka Prussic Acid); a by-product of which, is hydrocyanic acid, better known as 'cyanide'.

@davknight This is what I found on their website:

Crayola crayon colour names rarely change. However, there are exceptions. In 1958, Prussian blue was changed to midnight blue in response to teacher recommendations that children could no longer relate to Prussian history.


I'd stick with 8. Minimalism , you know........

I absolutely need the 20 different greens... πŸ™‚ and the 23 reds... and...


I dunno... They all taste the same to me.

This made me tear up laughing. Thanks for that.

Do you remember the smells? I remember eating them when I was young...they smelled so good!

Do you know a study was done showing that sniffing crayons lowered blood pressure temporarily? ha ha probably a happy childhood memory many of us share...


Anytime lol! That's pretty much what I do around here

@Kynlei, @Stacey48

Your synesthesia is a little off. Must be the cold you have?

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